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Seagull M4 Spruce EQ

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ntroducing the m4, a revolutionary instrument, inspired by the dulcimer making the often difficult task of learning to play guitar, that much easier. People young and all of all ages will get a kick out of picking this instrument up and strumming along for the first time. With the ability to learn basic chords and pop songs at your own rhythm, the m4 makes learning to play guitar super fun and highly addictive!

Made in La Patrie Quebec, Canada and inspired by the dulcimer, the Seagull M4 is a very portable & compact 4-string diatonic acoustic instrument that is simply fun to play and very hard to put down! The M4 was designed to introduce & stimulate people of all ages (some of whom may not necessarily be players) to the joy of creating & playing music. Small in stature, big in fun! This eye-catching instrument also comes equipped with B-Band electronics and an on-board tuner, perfect for live settings and amplified practice sessions.

Solid Spruce Top & Rock Maple Body

The Seagull M4 Spruce EQ features a solid spruce top which produces a rich, bright tonal output that only gets better with age. Additionally, the M4's solid top yields a crisp, articulate tone with a broad dynamic range, providing the player with an incredibly versatile soundboard that accommodates a wide variety of strumming and picking techniques with ease. Furthermore, its solid top is paired with a rock maple body, delivering a bright attack with plenty of bite and sustain. This sonically-stunning combination of timbers provides the player with a distinct acoustic voice, perfect for experimenting with fingerpicking and strumming techniques, as well as being ideal for traditional and modern folk music.
B-Band Electronics

Equipped with a B-Band preamp system, the Seagull M4 Spruce EQ becomes ideal for live performance and amplified practice sessions. Additionally, the B-Band preamp system offers easy-to-use rotary controls for volume and tone, perfect for adding a little extra sonic-character to the player's live setup. Furthermore, the preamp also features an on-board tuner, providing precise and easy tuning on-the-go. With this, the folk enthusiast can take the Seagull M4 Mahogany to the stage with ease and fill a venue with the distinct, worldly sound of this unique and incredibly interesting instrument.
Rock Maple Neck

Constructed from rock maple, the M4's neck delivers a strong upper mid-range and bright singing highs whilst offering a comfortable playing experience throughout each position up and down the neck. In addition, the neck is also designed to be easy to play for new players and beginners whilst its profile prevents the likeliness of a cramping hand.

• Perfect for all ages and players
• Modern twist on a traditional instrument
• Equipped with B-Band electronics for added volume at larger events
• Inspired by traditional dulcimers, perfect for the folk enthusiast
• Ideal for beginners, intermediate guitarists, advanced players, and children
• Solid top for a rich, incredibly dynamic sound that only gets better with age
• Comfortable and compact size makes it easy to travel with, perfect for camping trips, beach days, and holidays
• Semi-gloss finish, modern design on traditional shape, Seagull headstock and authentic tuners for stylish yet orthodox appearance


• Top Material: Solid Spruce
• Body Material: Rock Maple
• Body Depth: 1.13 Inch
• Lower Bout: 7 Inch
• Upper Bout: 4.88 Inch
• Waist: 3.94 Inch


• Neck Material: Rock Maple
• Nut Width: 1.28 Inch
• Scale Length: 20.75 Inch

Hardware & Electronics

• Hardware Colour: Chrome
• Tuners: Seagull
• Preamp: B-Band
• Controls: Volume/Tone/Tuner