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Stagg 52mm M6 Tension Rod

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Every drummer needs extra tom and snares tension rods around. The vibration and brief changes in head tension that occur from heavy hitting can conspire to detune a drum. These 10 pieces per pack of hand-screw tension rods are great replacement tension rods for snare- tom and bass drums.

As the gig progresses, your snare does not sound the same as when you started. You tap the batter head near the lugs and find that most of the tension points sound like “ping,” but when you tap the spots where the rimshots land, you hear “pong.” Over the years, many manufacturers have addressed this issue by placing locking nuts against the lugs or molded plastic heads on the rods to keep them in place. The resonant head needs to have even tension to do its job. These solutions can take more time and effort to implement, and they can also obstruct fine-tuning possibilities.

The Stagg 52mm m6 Tension Rod is a non-loosening chromed-steel tension rod. On closer examination, you will notice that through their threads is cut a narrow slot filled with hard nylon material. The friction of this substance against the threads inside the lug casing keeps the rod in place. The patented nylon inserted allows for precise tuning, prevents de-tuning, and helps to consistently achieve and maintain a studio-quality drum sound. This material increases the friction and surface area between your bass drum and the receiving nut. It has a genuinely stunning, basic, and clean design. There is nothing to clamp to the tension rod; it just looks like a regular tension rod that won't back out. The Stagg Tension Rods guarantee that your drum's sounds will stay the same all the time until you directly change the tension.  


  • Tension key rod for tom and snare drum 
  • 10 pieces each pack 
  • D*L: 6 mm (metric) x 52 mm (or 15/64 x 2.05 in.)