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Stagg KEB-A30 Keyboard Bench

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A good-value adjustable piano stool/ keyboard bench.

An adjustable x-frame folding keyboard bench/ piano stool with four different height positions:

-20.47”/ 52cm
-22.83”/ 58cm
-24.40”/ 62cm
-25.59”/ 65cm

The Stagg KEB-A30, stylishly coloured all black from the seat to the stand is an adjustable keyboard bench that can be set to four different heights depending on your height or preference. This bench stool also features a handy safety locking mechanism for adjusting the height- perfect for avoiding embarrassing slip-ups on stage! Out of all our piano stools for sale this keyboard bench is one of the best value piano stools, being both affordable and sturdy.

  • Black metal legs
  • Black vinyl-covered seat
  • Safety locking screw
  • Four height positions