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Stagg Spring for Bass Drum Pedal 6cm

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Spring tension is something discussed a lot, especially among hard rock and heavy metal drummers. From the finest dual-hammered cymbals to the acclaimed TIM drum kits, Stagg will make you stay in the rhythm. The Stagg 6cm replacement Spring For Bass Drum Pedal 6cm is perfect for repairing your kick drum pedal and is great value for money. 

Traditionally, this small spring was inserted into one of several holes on the right side of the pedal to set the angle and distance between the beater and the head. A rocker hub with infinitely changing positions is currently seen on many modern pedals. The size f the spring, along with pedal tension, has the greatest impact on a pedal’s action. Increased spring tension means you're working against physics. With higher spring tension you have to work harder to strike. 

For a more awesome rig, set spring in ideal tension. It is the tension required to keep the foot board of the pedal in contact with your foot at all times, regardless of what you are playing. To set the spring in ideal tension, loosen the spring as much as possible. Then push down on the pedal such that the beater is buried into the head. As fast as you can, pull your foot off the pedal board. If your foot comes off of the pedal board, tighten the spring and repeat the above 3 steps. Once you have reached the point where the tension is such that the pedal board stays in contact with the bottom of your foot, you have found the ideal tension for your pedal and how it is set up. Lesser tension than ideal can result in a pedal that is not as responsive, excess tension can or will work against you and make the pedal harder to control. 


  • 6 cm metal spring for bass drum 
  • Single chain and spring
  • Two anchor spikes to hold the bass drum in place
  • Felt beater
  • Fast and hard response