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Steinberger Spirit Bass in White, USED

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The Steinberger Spirit Bass in White is a unique and innovative electric bass guitar that combines cutting-edge design with modern performance features. Here's what sets this bass apart:

1. **Headless Design**: One of the most distinctive features of the Steinberger Spirit Bass is its headless design, where the tuning system is located at the bridge rather than the headstock. This design reduces weight and improves balance, making the bass more comfortable to play for extended periods.

2. **Compact and Travel-Friendly**: The headless design also makes the Steinberger Spirit Bass incredibly compact and travel-friendly. With its smaller size and streamlined shape, this bass is easy to transport and ideal for musicians on the go.

3. **White Finish**: The bass is finished in a sleek and stylish white, giving it a modern and eye-catching appearance. The white finish adds to the bass's futuristic aesthetic and makes it stand out on stage or in the studio.

4. **Composite Body**: The Steinberger Spirit Bass features a composite body construction, which provides durability and stability while reducing overall weight. The composite material also contributes to the bass's unique tone, with a balanced sound that is clear, punchy, and articulate.

5. **Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard**: The bass guitar boasts a maple neck with a smooth satin finish for fast and comfortable playability. The rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and depth to the bass's tone, with a rich, resonant sound and smooth feel under the fingers.

6. **Humbucking Pickups**: The Steinberger Spirit Bass is equipped with high-output humbucking pickups. This pickup delivers a powerful and punchy sound with plenty of low-end depth, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

Overall, the Steinberger Spirit Bass in White is a unique and innovative instrument that offers modern performance features in a compact and travel-friendly package. With its headless design, sleek finish, and versatile tone, this bass is sure to inspire creativity and musical exploration for players of all levels.


  • Case: Gigbag Included