The Tanglewood Roadster-II TWRSFCE-II Acoustic Guitar in Natural Satin is a fantastic model for those who want an expressive model that is perfect for flatpickers and fingerstyle players alike. Equipped with Tanglewood's TW-EX4 electronics system, this model is suitable for every occasion from practising your chops at home to performing to your adoring fans on the stage.


The TWR-II SFCE is designed with a Super Folk Cutaway profile, which offers the perfect balance between comfortability and performance. The slender body depth pairs well with the elegant curves and single-cutaway to maximise playing comfort whether you are seated or standing. The back and sides are built using mahogany, a robust tonewood that produces a hearty midrange energy. The top is built using cedar, which produces a subtle, yet warm output partnered with exceptional clarity across each and every note. The natural satin finish allows the tonewoods to resonate freely to produce a full-sounding output, whilst ensuring that the guitar retains a smooth and tactile feel throughout performances.

Joined to the body is a durable mahogany neck, which is shaped to a rounded profile that sits just right in the hand. The generous 650mm scale length guarantees an articulate response across each and every note. Paired with the neck is an eboncore fingerboard, which is equipped with 20 frets that are decorated with dot position inlays to guide you. The smooth satin finish allows your hand to glide along the neck unimpeded for seamless transitions along its entire length.

The Tanglewood Roadster-II TWRSFCE-II is equipped with the TW-EX4 pickup and preamp system, which translates the acoustic timbre of the guitar beautifully when playing through an amplifier. Featuring a built-in 4-band EQ with slider attenuation for bass, mid, treble and presence, you can adjust the output to suit your performance environment or playing style. The separate volume control knob sits beside the button for the digital chromatic tuner button, which allows you to stay in tune with ease. 

The body is home to a black walnut bridge and ABS white saddle, which anchors each string to optimise intonation and sustain, ensuring resonant transference between the strings and body is maximised for a glorious output. The headstock is home to chrome die-cast tuning machines, which uphold tuning integrity with dutiful precision. Each model is strung with phosphor bronze 12-53-gauge strings so that you're good to go as soon as your Tanglewood Roadster-II TWRSFCE-II Acoustic Guitar arrives.


  • Super Folk electro-acoustic model performs like a dream
  • Mahogany back and sides generates a stirring mid-range energy
  • Cedar top acts as a subtle yet warm soundboard that projects gracefully
  • Sturdy mahogany neck offers a substantial feel in the hand
  • Eboncore fingerboard affords a sumptuous playing feel
  • Black walnut bridge and ABS saddle optimise intonation and sustain
  • Reliable, chrome die-cast tuners uphold tuning integrity with precision
  • Tanglewood TW-EX4 electronics system translates acoustic timbre with clarity