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Tokai TV Yellow Double Curt Away Les Paul Junior, USED

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Introducing the Tokai TV Yellow Double Cutaway Les Paul Junior – a vintage-inspired powerhouse that pays homage to the iconic Les Paul Junior while embodying Tokai's commitment to craftsmanship and tone. With its distinctive TV Yellow finish and double-cutaway design, this guitar combines retro aesthetics with modern playability, making it a standout choice for players seeking classic rock tones and timeless style.

The Tokai TV Yellow Double Cutaway Les Paul Junior features a lightweight and resonant mahogany body, delivering a punchy and focused tone that's perfect for both rhythm and lead playing. The double-cutaway design not only enhances upper fret access but also adds a touch of contemporary flair to this classic instrument.

The single P-90 style pickup at the bridge is the heart of the Tokai TV Yellow Junior, capturing the essence of vintage rock 'n' roll tones. Known for its raw and gritty sound, the P-90 pickup provides a perfect balance of warmth and bite, making it an ideal choice for players who crave that unmistakable vintage snarl.

The set mahogany neck with a comfortable "C"-shaped profile ensures a smooth and fast playing experience, while the rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of warmth and responsiveness to your notes. The simplicity of a single volume and tone control allows you to focus on your playing, making the Tokai TV Yellow Junior a no-nonsense rock machine.

Finished in a classic TV Yellow hue, this guitar not only pays tribute to the Les Paul Junior's heritage but also stands out with its vintage charm. The aged nickel hardware completes the look, adding a touch of authenticity to this timeless instrument.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring rocker, the Tokai TV Yellow Double Cutaway Les Paul Junior is a reliable and inspiring companion. With its retro aesthetics, powerful P-90 tones, and comfortable playability, this guitar invites you to plug in, turn up, and let the classic rock vibes flow. Elevate your playing experience with the Tokai TV Yellow Junior – where vintage style meets modern performance.