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VOX AC10 C1 Guitar Combo Amplifier, Used

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Nearly 50 years after it was originally discontinued the AC10 name is back on a Vox amplifier. Much smaller than the original 2x10" design this single 10" speaker loaded combo is perfect for those that want the classic Vox AC tone but don't want to break their back with the larger AC15 or AC30 models.

While this is not a reissue of the original you can tell that it heavily inspired this amplifier. From the classic Vox design and 10" speakers this amp still has the beautifully chimey sound that we all love from AC amps. This amp may no long have the vibrato circuit built instead you now have more control over the tone of the amp with full Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb and Volume controls.

One of the biggest pains with the larger Vox AC amplifiers is just how big and bulky they are. This can make them a pain in the backside to move around but the AC10 is a whole different story. Because it has just a single 10" Celestion VX10 speaker this little combo can easily be moved from  location to location easily. Plus with the 10w power amp tucked away inside you don't lose out on much power when compared to something like the AC15.


Used, but in fabulous condition with no major markings or scratches.