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Way Huge Blue Hippo, USED

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Discover the Way Huge Blue Hippo Analog Chorus Guitar Pedal – a vintage-inspired analog chorus that takes your tone on a journey through lush soundscapes. Engineered by acclaimed designer Jeorge Tripps, this pedal delivers classic analog chorusing with a modern twist, housed in a rugged and visually distinctive Way Huge enclosure.

The Blue Hippo's vibrant blue exterior not only catches the eye but also reflects the vibrant tones within. Built for durability on the road, this pedal is both a visual statement and a reliable sonic companion.

At its core, the Blue Hippo features an organic analog chorus circuit, capturing the warmth of vintage modulation. The Rate and Depth controls provide easy manipulation, offering a spectrum of chorusing effects from subtle to immersive. With proprietary circuitry, the Blue Hippo stands out in the world of analog chorusing, delivering a unique character and warmth.

The "Chorus/Vibe" switch adds a layer of versatility, seamlessly transitioning between classic chorus and dynamic vibrato textures. Suitable for various musical genres, this pedal is a versatile tool for musicians ranging from classic rock enthusiasts to ambient explorers.

Equipped with true bypass switching, the Blue Hippo ensures that your guitar's natural tone remains pristine when the effect is off. Your playing dynamics and core sound authenticity are preserved, making this pedal a reliable and essential addition to your signal chain.

Whether you're chasing the tones of '70s psychedelia or enhancing modern sonic explorations, the Way Huge Blue Hippo Analog Chorus Guitar Pedal is your gateway to rich, analog modulation. Immerse yourself in vintage-inspired chorus tones that have stood the test of time with the Blue Hippo – where innovation meets nostalgia in a pedal designed to elevate your sonic journey.