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Wharfedale Pro S-1500, USED

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The Wharfedale Pro S-1500 is a robust and powerful PA amplifier designed to meet the demands of professional audio applications. With its high wattage output, versatile connectivity options, and reliable performance, the S-1500 is an ideal choice for powering large sound systems in venues, clubs, and live event spaces.

Key Features:

1. High Wattage Output: The S-1500 amplifier delivers an impressive 1500 watts of power, providing ample headroom and dynamic range for driving passive PA speakers with clarity and precision. Whether you're amplifying vocals, instruments, or playback tracks, the S-1500 ensures consistent and reliable performance even at high volume levels.

2. Class D Amplification: Utilising Class D amplifier technology, the S-1500 combines high efficiency with low heat dissipation, resulting in a lightweight and energy-efficient design. This amplifier topology delivers clean and powerful audio reproduction with minimal distortion, making it ideal for demanding live sound applications.

3. Comprehensive Connectivity: The S-1500 features a range of input and output options to accommodate various audio sources and speaker configurations. Balanced XLR and TRS inputs allow for seamless integration with mixers, audio interfaces, and other audio equipment, while Speakon and binding post outputs provide secure connections to passive PA speakers.

4. Built-In DSP Processing: Equipped with built-in DSP processing, the S-1500 offers a suite of essential audio processing features to optimise sound quality and performance. Adjustable parameters such as EQ, crossover, and delay allow for precise tuning and customization of the audio signal, ensuring optimal sonic results in any venue or application.

5. Rack-Mountable Design: Housed in a rugged and compact chassis, the S-1500 is designed for easy integration into standard 19-inch equipment racks. This rack-mountable design saves space and facilitates streamlined installation in professional audio setups, making it suitable for permanent installations and portable sound reinforcement systems alike.

6. Front Panel Controls: The front panel of the S-1500 features intuitive controls for convenient operation and adjustment. Knobs for input level, DSP settings, and master volume allow for quick and easy setup, while LED indicators provide visual feedback on signal status and amplifier operation.

7. Comprehensive Protection Circuitry: To safeguard the amplifier and connected speakers, the S-1500 is equipped with comprehensive protection circuitry, including short circuit protection, thermal protection, and overcurrent protection. These safety features help prevent damage to the amplifier and ensure reliable performance in demanding audio environments.

Overall, the Wharfedale Pro S-1500 is a versatile and reliable PA amplifier that delivers powerful and pristine sound reinforcement for a wide range of applications. With its high wattage output, flexible connectivity options, and advanced DSP processing, the S-1500 is the perfect solution for professional audio installations and live sound setups where reliability and performance are paramount.