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XIX Pure Studio Valve Condensor USED

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This is USED item in excellent condition. Includes hardcase and shockmount. 3 month warranty included.

The design of the Pure 1 also has the benefit of an output transformer, which some audiophiles feel produces a more musical sound. As with the Pure Valve, there are no pad or filter switches on the casing. However, peeking inside the Pure 1's body revealed a 100Hz low‑cut switch fixed directly to the circuit board (something I didn't find in the tube model). This isn't the most accessible place for a low cut switch, I'll grant you, but at least it gives you the option to decide how you'd like to use the mic.

This model is slightly less sensitive than the tube model at just 14mV/Pa, but it still compares well with other large‑diaphragm cardioid mics. The equivalent noise level is some 4dB higher than for the tube model, at 22dBA, though noise still won't be an issue in normal usage.