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Yamaha DS750 Drum Throne

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The Yamaha DS750 drum throne is a simple, affordable throne built to Yamaha's excellent standards. The DS750 features all most drummers need in terms of reliability and adaptability. If you are searching for a simple drum stool that you can count on, this throne is a perfect choice.


The ingenious hardware from Yamaha is known for its dependability, durability, and versatility. Yamaha system drum throne hardware is the most desired hardware in the business. The Yamaha DS750 Drum Throne provides comfort and massive hardware to drummers. It features a 2.5" thick padded cushion seat top and a medium weight single braced leg system. It has slip-proof rubber feet, so it’s quite sturdy and stable. The legs can be folded against the stand for pack-up when you extend the legs to lock them in place. It has great portability. You can easily move your equipment from one venue to the next.

This throne is also adjustable. The height adjustment tube has a knurled finish as opposed to being smoothly chromed. The memory lock really locks into place on it and adds extra security to keep your throne steady. 

One aspect of it is that you need to sit on something that is ergonomic and good for your back and being comfortable is something that can only be good for your playing, especially if you practice for long periods of time. A good thing to know, the Yamaha DS750 Drum Throne has an ergonomically designed wing nut. The wing nut holds the seat top to the height adjustment tube keeping it from twisting (which is another major cause of back pain over time from drumming - this is why canister thrones are so good for your back too - the seat must remain rigid).


  • Round, comfortable, padded seat
  • 300 mm (diameter)
  • Cast aluminum seat mount
  • 1.6 mm thick center tube with memory clamp (430-650 mm)
  • Single-braced tripod base