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Get a FREE Marshall backpack when you spend £150 on ANY purchase! Click for info!

Yamaha DS750U Drum Throne

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As the foundation upon which we build all of our movements and get leverage, a nice drum throne not only makes playing for long periods more comfortable, it has a notable impact on the speed and precision with which you play.


From the most stable and reliable stools on the market, the Yamaha DS750U Drum Throne is a professional single braced drum throne. It does not offer many specific features, but it covers all the basics. The Yamaha DS750U has three single braced legs for stability and portability and a round seat top for comfort and support.

If you are sitting at the wrong height in comparison to the drum kit, then you can very easily end up with poor posture and some very bad aches and pains. Good to know, the DS750U also features an adjustable height so you can suit your own needs. The slide and clamp height adjustment allows for positioning between 43 cm and 65 cm. The seat can be set to a spinning motion or you can lock it in place. Also, the base is very sturdy so it is suitable for a lot of different users of different sizes.

The DS750U features slip-proof rubber feet, this design helps to stay in place, and you’ll feel sturdy and protected while playing. It also prevents the floor from scratches and you won’t hear the annoying squeaks and pops you normally get with cheaper chairs. The seat fabric is made of unique slick-textured nylon webbing on the outer edges. It is more breathable than other fabrics. It keeps your butt cool and sweat-free and allows your legs a free and easy movement. This throne has great portability. When you extend the legs to lock them in place, they can be folded against the stand for storage. You can effortlessly transport your equipment from one location to another.

This is a really solid throne, which is well-built, something we’ve come to expect from the Yamaha brand.


  • Medium weight, single-braced legs
  • 2.5" thick padded cushion
  • Height adjustment: 16.9 in - 23.6 inches