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Yamaha GTB-PW Deluxe Piano Bench Polished White

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Current price £149.00


The Yamaha GTB-PW wooden piano bench has a luxurious gloss white finish with a white, leather-effect seat cover. With Yamaha branding in silver, it's a perfect match for any Yamaha digital piano in Polished White. The GTB-PW is a fixed height bench which is set at just the right height for comfortable playing. Arrives boxed for easy self-assembly with the included spanner 


  • Height 52cm
  • Width 57cm
  • Depth 32cm 
  • Weight 1.5kg


    While playing a piano, the most important thing that you seek is comfort. If you are not comfortable playing a musical instrument then there are high chances of you getting tired of your setup being unstable or shaky while playing.

    To rule out this possibility Yamaha presents GTB-PW Deluxe Piano Bench. A bench is an important part of your playing but is often overlooked. As with many instruments, small details can be very intriguing and important that affects their playing. For instance, violinists take years to learn to hold the violin properly or brass players can take lifelong to learn how to approach embouchure (lip position). Every instrument and musician has its own challenges and uniqueness. So when we talk about piano, selecting the correct bench is a challenge in itself. A piano bench is an essential part of every pianist’s technique. It not only affects your posture but also makes you comfortable while playing. 

    Yamaha’s GTB-PW Deluxe surely will help you in many ways. This stool is a  deluxe heavy-duty piano bench available in a high gloss white finish. The excellent bench features a heavy-duty frame with thick padded sheets. The iconic standard design with large cushions makes it the most comfortable bench you could ask for. Its dimensions which are  59.5 x 36 x 51 centimetres enable it to be a nice and affordable solution for small spaces. It's high gloss white finish perfectly blends in with Yamaha’s white polished pianos. Its height (52cm) gives the perfect angle to the pianist. To make it more sturdy and in place, its legs consist of non-slip rubber feet which also prevent it from damaging the floor while scratching. To keep its beauty intact it has a layering of top vinyl leather, which is easy to clean. Yamaha has fabricated such a perfect bench to complement it perfectly with Yamaha polished white Clavinova and the NU1X  

    Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, this Yamaha GTB-PW Deluxe Piano bench will surely add to your lifestyle. Yamaha has always been a favoured brand for musicians and again it has given us a classy-looking piano bench in the digital piano niche. 

    Do you want to be an ordinary pianist or want to be extravagant by showcasing your talent? So these small things count and make a difference. It is highly recommended that you put your efforts into getting a good bench to help you correct your posture and ergonomics. 

    This amazing yet super affordable Yamaha GTB-PW Deluxe Piano bench is an accessory that you can’t let go of. This iconic piece of furniture will be the cherry on the cake in your living room and will leave your friends and family amazed. Thus, it's a yes-yes to make this bench an important part of all your music equipment.