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Yamaha S03 61 note synthesizer USED

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In good condition. Includes PSU and 3 Month warranty. 

Both professionals and beginners may be interested in this keyboard. Keyboard players who already have a solid bottom keyboard for piano may want to use this one as a second keyboard for changing voices. There may be no need to buy a more expensive keyboard. Whether you want to play brass, strings, or whatever on top, it's right there. Personally, I like using a weighted key keyboard along with a non-weighted one, so this mix works just fine for me.

Let's take a look at the features of the instrument. They include 128 preset voices, 128 user, 480 GM/XG voices, and 22 drum kits, a total of 736 voices. Along with this comes 64-note polyphony. There's 25MB of AWM2 sample ROM, GM and XG compatibility, and 16-part multitimbral with 32 user multisettings. You can vary the various sounds to suit your preferences thanks to 3 onboard signal processors that provide you with a total of 64 different effect types.

Yamaha S03

It works on PC as well as Mac, so there's no need for concern. There's also a To Host port. As you can see, these are some pretty decent features for the price.