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Get a FREE Marshall backpack when you spend £150 on ANY purchase! Click for info!

Yamaha SS740A Snare Stand

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With Yamaha SS740A Snare Stand, it keeps your snare exactly where you need it, even during your monster drum solo.

It truly is an incredible feat of engineering and is designed to offer the ultimate snare drum angle adjustment, as well as offering enormous stability and secure placement. 



The Yamaha SS740A Snare Drum Stand is a medium-weight stand with single braced legs for compact and lightweight portability in any hardware bag or box. It's excellent for most drums and performing circumstances. This Snare Drum Stand can accommodate single-braced snare drums measuring up to 12".

A drummer’s snare drum takes a lot of abuse as it’s usually hit a bit harder than other drums, and therefore these stands need to be of the best quality. The most important feature of the snare drum stand is the design of the “basket” on top of the stand which holds the drum in place. The Yamaha SS740A Snare Drum Stand features a solid tripod base that provides sturdy support for your prized snare drums, and the basket is solid enough to support even the heaviest snare drums. The tripod base has rubber feet for more rock-solid stability. With the advanced basket design, channel-track leg design, the snare drum will be right where the drummer put it on every stroke. Both the height and angle are adjustable for your playing comfort. The tilter device is a mechanism allowing the drum angle to be adjusted and our selections all have durably constructed tilters which can be adjusted to any angle you need. This snare drum stand is easy to fold up for travel and fits snare drums in a range of common sizes.

Utilizing manufacturing processes perfected in the Yamaha factory, the Yamaha SS740A Snare Drum Stand proves the greatness of the rising market. It is affordable yet is suitable for even professional drummers thanks to its robust and solid construction. The way your snare drum sounds says a lot about you as a drummer, and the Yamaha SS740A Snare Drum Stand is a perfect solution that recognizes that drummers need simplicity and rock-solid stability. This is the best snare drum stand around which will last you for many years.



  • Accommodates up to 12" Snare Drum
  • Medium Weight Compact Construction
  • Infinite tilter adjustment
  • Single-braced legs
  • Big rubber feet
  • Height adjustable
  • Non-slippery rubber feet