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How low can you go? The importance of accurate sub bass monitoring in electronic music production.

Posted on Friday August 05, 2016

Sub bass is important in most types of music, but is particularly so in electronic music, and is often, the driving force that can control the whole groove and feel of the track. We're talking about the low stuff, sub-100Hz, or more specifically, from 60Hz down to the lowest frequency we humans can hear - 20Hz. At this level, it's more of a feeling  pulsating through your vital orga... Read more

Calkwalk Sonar Free Lifetime Updates When Purchased Before August 31st 2016

Posted on Thursday July 28, 2016

Big things happening with Sonar this year.Cakewalk have announced some very exciting news this week. None of them have anything to do with cake (mmmm...cake) but rather more to do with Sonar; their flagship music production software.Lifetime Updates: Here is a good reason to get on board with Sonar....lifetime updates! Until the 31st of August you will able to purchase Sonar Platinu... Read more


Posted on Friday April 29, 2016

‘The one that started it all’. A weighty and accurate phrase coined by industry leading guitar manufacturers Fender when describing their famous and most archetypal style of the electric guitar, the Telecaster. This year the original iconic instrument has been totally re-vamped and refined with modern features and modern sounds. The American Elite Tele is absolutely jam packed with c... Read more