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TC Electronics PolyTune Clip On

Posted on Monday October 12, 2015

Available for just £35 with free delivery hereAnother day and yet another clip on tuner arriving through the door at Fair Deal Music HQ. Forgive me at first for not getting to wide eyed and over excited but surely it’s just ‘yet another’ guitar tuner. WRONG! It’s a state of the art, elegantly considered clip on tuner with strict attention to design and functionality. It’s a hu... Read more

3 for 2 on pedals - Show them who's Boss!

Posted on Friday October 02, 2015

Ordinarily the sight of 3 for 2 promotions strike fear into the very core of the shopping bag burdened, over heated, over tired and underappreciated male of the species. We all know the true horror of being lodged inside a hectic battleground of a shop with our other halves, siblings or parents. It’s even worse when there’s a sale or a promo on. Well enough is enough. Time to MAN up ... Read more

Roland Boutique - their new range of modules emulating some of Roland's most legendary synths.

Posted on Thursday October 01, 2015

The sound of a legend, the size of a book.The limited-edition Roland Boutique series of modules faithfully recreates some of Roland’s most legendary synths. With highly-authentic sound reproduction, they’re also highly portable, with a built-in speaker and battery operation for making music whenever – and wherever - you want. JP-08,the sound and control of a Jupiter-8.The Jupi... Read more