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Fender Ex-display

Posted on Thursday May 21, 2015

It’s never nice hearing the horrific words ‘DELIVERY’ AND ‘VAN FULL’ in the same sentence. It usually means putting down the biscuits, clicking off ebay and having to brave the outside world, or at least 30 metres of it. So it was a great surprise to find out that it was a transit full of super cheap ex-display Fender bargains. With each guitar model that was pulled out of the... Read more

Which Practice Amp will emerge triumphant?

Posted on Tuesday May 19, 2015

If you’re just getting started in the big wide world of the electric guitar then the huge collection of guitars and amps that are available must be truly intimidating. Knowing what to buy that’s right for you is essential. Although you’re at the very beginning of this exciting new pursuit and you’re probably not sure you want to spend a lot in case you just don’t take to it, ge... Read more

TC Electronic BG250 115 VS EDEN EC15

Posted on Wednesday May 13, 2015

BASS! How low can you go? In need of a great sounding, great looking, easily transportable bass amp that doesn’t cost the earth? One that melts audience members’ faces and that you can trust implicitly not to die a death just in time for that hotly anticipated bass solo? Not exactly asking for much then? Well, actually there are two fantastic options that spring to mind. There’s th... Read more