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Roland Blues Cube Artist Guitar Amp

Posted on Monday October 10, 2016

After being bombarded over the years with the new ways of making transistor amps sound like valve amps and being mostly disappointed, you can imagine my enthusiasm when confronted by Roland’s new range of cubes. The Blues Cube on first sight is very much in the mould of a classy vintage Fender or Boogie combo, clad in a cream leatherette with an almost ‘salt n pepper’ grill cl... Read more

Fender Paramount Acoustic Series

Posted on Thursday October 06, 2016

We in the acoustic department at Fairdeal Music feel very lucky to be living during this amazing time in earth's history, as this is the time that Fender has introduced the ‘Paramount Series’ of Acoustic Guitars.After Receiving 6 cardboard boxes labelled ‘Fender’,  I remembered a dream like tale one of my colleagues here at the shop told me. They spoke of a new range of all ... Read more

Roland FP-30 vs Yamaha P-115 - a comparison.

Posted on Wednesday September 21, 2016

Roland FP-30 Yamaha P-115Which one is for you? We decided to sit down and have a quick look over these great stage pianos which deliver impressive performance at an incredible price. Available in Black or White, this pair are arguably the best value entry-level portable pianos on the market today.Their compact size makes them easy to transport and when purchased with the optional st... Read more