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Marshall Fridges

Marshall are one of the most well-known guitar amp manufacturers in the world. The Marshall amp is an iconic cornerstone of the guitar world and is the most recognisable amp in production. There are so many spin-off products, such as the Marshall fridges. We offer two Marshall mini fridge options, the Marshall fridge 3.2 and the Marshall fridge 4.4. The Marshall mini fridge is a unique machine for any lover of music.  
Marshall Fridges
  • Marshall Fridge 4.4 With Freezer Compartment - Fair Deal Music
    Marshall Fridge 4.4 With Freezer Compartment - Fair Deal Music
    Original price £339.00
    Original price £339.00 - Original price £339.00
    Original price £339.00
    Current price £319.00
    £319.00 - £319.00
    Current price £319.00

    Marshall Fridge 4.4 With Freezer Compartment

    The coolest things are about to get cooler. This is especially for die-hard ...

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  • Marshall Fridge 3.2 - Fair Deal Music
    Marshall Fridge 3.2 - Fair Deal Music
    Original price £314.00
    Original price £314.00 - Original price £314.00
    Original price £314.00
    Current price £299.00
    £299.00 - £299.00
    Current price £299.00

    Marshall Fridge 3.2

    Description Specification The coolest icon in music just got cooler. Sty...

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Why may someone want to buy a guitar amp fridge?  

Music lovers

Do you pride yourself on your eclectic music taste? Do you have an office or practice room? The Marshall mini fridge brings the benefit of having a cold beverage on hand, without compromising on style.  


If you know someone who loves unique items, or maybe they are a guitar fanatic, give them the best present they could ever ask for. The Marshall mini fridge brings function and style to their home.

Bars and Restaurants 

There are restaurants that love to display memorabilia from the different eras of music. The most famous chain would be the Hard Rock Café. The atmosphere of a bar or restaurant is one of the most important parts of the experience, so build a theme that gets people talking.  

What are the features of the Amp Fridge? 

Both the Marshall 3.2 fridge and the Marshall 4.4 fridge are able to keep your beverages cold, and come with arctic blue LED lights to add to the cool vibe emanating from the unit. They both look like the real thing with nobs and the iconic Marshall logo.  

Marshall fridge 3.2 

The first option on offer, the Marshall fridge 3.2 comes in matt black with the gold-plated knob plate. It will make you the envy of others, especially your band-mates. You can adjust the space by moving the glass shelf. The Marshall 3.2 fridge has a depth of 47cm, height of 79.1cm, and a width of 45cm; enough space for everyone to get involved! You can also reverse which way the door opens so it can fit in any space.  

Marshall fridge 4.4 

For the larger unit size, the Marshall fridge 4.4 comes in at 58.8 depth, 82cm tall, and 50cm wide. Not only is this version bigger than the Marshall 3.2, it also has a freezer compartment to keep your ice frozen. It also comes with the movable glass shelves, the iconic styling of the logo and gold plate, and in matt black.  

What rooms may people wish to put these in? 


For the younger guitar enthusiast, or maybe you live in a smaller space, the bedroom is a great place for the Marshall amp mini fridge. You can have all the comforts of a fridge on hand, with the added benefit of looking fantastic. 


For the space made for you, the den, also known as the mancave, or the games room. The den is a great space to retreat to and escape the troubles of life for a while. The Marshall fridge freezer would fit seamlessly into your den. 

Practice room/ Studio 

Do you have a space where your band rehearses? Or are you are building your own home studio? The Marshall amp mini fridge will sit there without being out of place, and you can surprise everyone when you open it up to reveal beers! It really is the Marshall beer fridge every studio needs. Don't delay, get in touch today to get the best fridge in the amplifier space!