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Keeping many of the benefits of a keyboard whilst also being infinitely more portable, the keytar isn’t just a pop culture icon but a fully fledged musical instrument. As the name indicates, the keytar is a combination of the keyboard and guitar and been a staple within the musical industry since the early 1960s being utilised by artists such as Paul McCartney, and more recently, Muse and Lady Gaga.


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While they may not be as popular as the keyboard and guitar individually, the keytar has always held a niche within the musical industry for both its unique sound and aesthetic. The keytar is actually a lightweight synthesizer attached to a strap meant to be placed around the neck and shoulders (similarly to how you would hold a guitar) with additional controls present down the neck of the instrument.

Please note that all of our keytars either contain their own synthesizer engines or a MIDI controller, regardless of which is present, it needs to be connected up to an amplifier for keyboards or a PA system. For more information on how you can implement this within your set or domestic environment, please get in touch with our team at Fair Deal Music.

Who is The Keytar For?

The main reason that someone would have for choosing a keytar over a regular keyboard is due to portability. A keyboard has to be placed on a desk or stand and therefore does not offer many options for movement, a keytar – while not being as lightweight as some of the other musical instruments on the market – is completely on the other side of this spectrum. The guitar-like build allows for regular movement across a stage as well as the option for some light choreography. Artists who feel limited by the constrictions imposed on them by a regular keyboard or have movement-heavy performances are often those who choose the keytar and find that the instrument meets their needs perfectly.

While you are most likely to see them in the hands of a professional, this doesn’t mean that the keytar isn’t suitable for domestic use. Playing almost identically to the keyboard, the keytar can be very easily learnt by those with experience in playing regular keyboards and is a great way to stand out from the crowd! While the keytar isn’t the most complex musical instrument on the market, we do recommend that you have at least some level of knowledge playing the keyboard before you make the switch. If you’re looking for a keyboard instrument through which you can learn to play, at Fair Deal Music we have a great range of beginner keyboards that can help you take your first steps.

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