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The world of music has captivated so many different people for so many different reasons. Playing an instrument is akin to having an extension of yourself. Some people find conveying emotions and feelings through music much easier than through words. Depending on where you are on your guitar journey, you may have different requirements. Let us start with the different types of guitars available. 

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What types of guitars are available?

Classical Guitars 

Usually the first guitar people own, due to the lower cost investment for a cheaper model, the classical guitar is one of the most iconic acoustic guitars. Usually strung with Nylon Guitar Strings, the classical guitar has a slightly muted and mellow sound, which is perfect for classic music.  

Steel string acoustic Guitar 

The pop and rock star choice, the steel guitar strings are used as they are crisp and bright. Country music, blues, bluegrass and many other genres use steel string Acoustic Guitars as they come in many styles and shapes.  


Acoustic guitars are great for smaller rooms, but large halls or arenas are going to need some form of Acoustic Guitar Amps to fill the space. Electroacoustic guitars are similar to a steel string acoustic guitar but there is some form of pickup that converts the analogue sound to digital.  

Electric Guitar 

Almost certainly what every beginner thinks of, Electric Guitars are the ultimate rock instrument. Since their inception by Rickenbacker in 1931, the likes of Ibanez, Gibson, Fender and many others have revolutionised rock music for ever. 

Bass Guitar 

Not everyone can be, or wants to be, the lead guitarist. The bass player is like the glue that joins the drums and the guitar together. The Bass Guitar gives any ensemble musical depth, as it reaches lower registers than an electrical guitar ever could.  

12 –string Guitar 

The 12-string guitar has 2 sets of strings close to each other to add more texture to the music. The most famous song with a 12-string guitar would have to be Hotel California by The Eagles. You can immediately hear it through the main riff. 

Left-handed Guitar 

Not every guitarist can play on the standard guitar layout Left-Handed Guitars are built to accommodate left-handed players. The most famous left-handed guitarist was Jimi Hendrix, who had to restring a right-handed guitar in order to play. Thankfully, left-handed guitars are more available. 


What style guitar is best for me? 


You want to learn guitar? Great! The options can seem daunting at first, but the most popular choice is to look at Guitar Packages that come with all the basics you need. For an all-round guitar that’s easier to play and has a thinner neck, Squires are a good choice. For the Ultimate Guitar Package, Squire Classic Vibe 50’s Stratocaster comes with everything you need to get started. For the cheaper option for beginners, the Cort CR50 Bundle comes with everything you need to start playing! 


For the powerhouse in heavy metal, there are guitars to satisfy all budgets. Ibanez make some easy to play guitars that won’t break the bank, such as the Ibanez GRGA121DX. For the elite in sound and build quality, ESP’s Ltd range are made for the heavier, more punchy power chords! 


Almost all modern rock music has some roots in blues. Buddy Holly, Elvis, and all the way up to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, there is some blues in there. Whether you choose a Fender Noventa Jazz Master or the stunning Gibson Les Paul, you will achieve the blues.  

Is an amp important? 

Practicing at home doesn’t necessarily require an amp, especially if you are trying to be quiet. But an amp is so important for all levels as it can illuminate playing mistakes and bad habits, especially if you are trying to play fast. The Electric Guitar Amp and the Bass Guitar Amp are going to be necessary if you want to perform live. Acoustic Guitar Amps are less a necessity but the amp can give your music different tones and feels you can’t get from just the guitar alone.  

What additional guitar equipment do I need? 


For standing up and playing, there are Accessories available. Some straps are just simply clipped to the guitar, others have lock ins so the strap doesn’t come lose while playing. Classical guitar is usually performed sat down, whereas other genres are played standing up. 


For strumming, or fast picking of the strings, the plectrum is worth its weight in gold. The sound you get from finger picking is mellow and muted, whereas the plectrum is used to get that extra punch.  

Guitar Pedals 

Want to swap between clean and distorted sounds? Do you need to be able to tune your guitar while on stage? Maybe you want the Wah sound to channel your inner Jimi Hendrix? Whatever it is needed fort, there is a Guitar Pedal for you!