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Gibson ES-335 in Ebony, USED

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The Gibson ES-335 in Ebony: Timeless Elegance and Versatile Tone

Embrace the essence of vintage cool with the Gibson ES-335 in Ebony. This iconic semi-hollowbody guitar combines classic design with modern craftsmanship to deliver a versatile instrument that's perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

1. **Semi-Hollowbody Design**: The ES-335's semi-hollow construction offers the perfect balance between the warmth of a hollowbody and the sustain of a solidbody. Crafted from maple with a solid centre block, this guitar delivers rich, resonant tone with plenty of depth and sustain.

2. **Ebony Finish**: Dressed in a sleek Ebony finish, the ES-335 exudes understated elegance and timeless style. The deep, lustrous black finish adds a touch of sophistication to the guitar's classic silhouette, making it a standout on any stage.

3. **Versatile Electronics**: Equipped with a pair of Gibson '57 Classic humbucking pickups, the ES-335 delivers a wide range of tones that are perfect for everything from jazz and blues to rock and beyond. The independent volume and tone controls for each pickup allow you to dial in your desired sound with precision.

4. **Comfortable Playability**: The ES-335 features a slim taper neck profile and a bound rosewood fingerboard, offering a comfortable playing experience that's perfect for both rhythm and lead playing. Whether you're playing intricate chords or soaring solos, the ES-335's smooth neck and fretboard make it a joy to play.

5. **High-Quality Hardware**: Built to Gibson's exacting standards, the ES-335 features high-quality hardware that ensures reliable performance and tuning stability. From the Grover Rotomatic tuners to the ABR-1 bridge with titanium saddles, every component is designed to provide years of reliable service.

6. **Iconic Sound**: With its classic semi-hollowbody design and rich, resonant tone, the Gibson ES-335 has been a favourite of players for over six decades. Whether you're playing jazz standards, blues classics, or rock anthems, the ES-335's signature sound cuts through the mix with clarity and definition.

In summary, the Gibson ES-335 in Ebony is a timeless instrument that offers unmatched tone, playability, and style. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring guitarist, this iconic guitar is sure to inspire you to create music that stands the test of time.



  • Case: Hardcase Included