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Ibanez RGIR20E-WH (White), USED

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The Ibanez RGIR20E-WH (White) is a high-performance electric guitar designed for players who demand uncompromising tone, playability, and versatility. Built for heavy rock and metal styles, this guitar features a sleek design, powerful pickups, and premium components, making it an ideal choice for shredders and metal enthusiasts.

Key Features:

1. Mahogany Body: The RGIR20E-WH features a mahogany body, which provides a rich and resonant tone with excellent sustain. Mahogany's warm and balanced characteristics make it well-suited for heavy rock and metal music, delivering the depth and punch needed for aggressive riffing and shredding.

2. Wizard III Neck: The guitar is equipped with a Wizard III maple neck, known for its slim profile and fast-playing feel. With its flat radius and jumbo frets, the Wizard III neck offers effortless playability and facilitates lightning-fast runs and intricate lead passages, making it ideal for high-speed playing techniques.

3. Ebony Fingerboard: The RGIR20E-WH boasts an ebony fingerboard, which enhances the guitar's overall tonal clarity and articulation. Ebony's smooth and dense surface provides a comfortable playing experience and ensures precise note definition, even under heavy distortion and high gain settings.

4. EMG® Pickups: This guitar is equipped with active EMG® pickups, including an EMG® 60 humbucker in the neck position and an EMG® 81 humbucker in the bridge position. These high-output pickups deliver the aggressive, high-gain sound that is characteristic of heavy rock and metal music, with tight bass response, focused midrange, and crisp highs.

5. Gibraltar Standard II Bridge: The RGIR20E-WH features a Gibraltar Standard II bridge, which provides excellent tuning stability and precise intonation. Whether you're performing dive bombs, palm-muted chugs, or intricate tremolo techniques, the Gibraltar bridge ensures reliable performance and consistent string tension.

6. Coil-Tap Switch: The guitar is equipped with a coil-tap switch, which allows you to split the humbucker pickups into single-coil mode, expanding the sonic versatility of the instrument. This feature enables you to achieve a wider range of tones, from thick and powerful humbucker sounds to bright and articulate single-coil tones.

7. White Finish: Finished in White, the RGIR20E-WH exudes modern elegance and style. The sleek and eye-catching finish, combined with black hardware and aggressive body contours, gives the guitar a striking appearance that is sure to turn heads on stage and in the studio.

Overall, the Ibanez RGIR20E-WH (White) is a formidable instrument that offers exceptional performance and tone for heavy rock and metal players. With its powerful pickups, fast-playing neck, and sleek design, this guitar is built to meet the demands of modern metal music, providing players with the tools they need to unleash their creativity and express themselves with power and precision.