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Looking to sell an instrument?

Talk to Fair Deal Music today!

Do you have a well cared for instrument that you would like to sell? We love to help provide a new life for unwanted instruments - which both helps the environment, and all of our music community find that perfect sound.

Points to think about:

  • Before deciding to sell your instrument to a music shop, first consider if it may be more profitable to sell direct through an online auction site or to another musician in your friends and family network. 
  • Music retailers have a number of overheads and resale costs to consider when making you an offer for your instrument, which can sometimes be lower than you may have hoped for. We will always try our best to give you a Fair Deal for your unwanted instruments if they are something that we feel we can resell.
  • One of the benefits of selling to a music shop is that if your item is wanted by the store, the sale will usually happen quickly, and the money will be available in a relatively short period of time. 
  • The better quality and condition of the instrument, the greater the offer generally will be. Being able to sell the item with its original box, manuals, power supply or case can all help to increase the value, and some items may only receive an offer if these items are available with your instrument.
  • Rare, vintage and unusual instruments will usually be more sought after by a music shop, and command much better prices. 

If you are unable to bring your instrument into the store for inspection, then worry not as we have it covered! Please read below to understand our process on purchasing gear

How the Process works (in-store and distance purchases):

  1. Give us a call on 0121 643 1685 and we will get back to you to give an estimate. Please note that this estimate is only from what we can see from pics and/or the information you give us etc. We will need to see the item in person before we can give you an accurate quote!
  2. At this point the instrument needs a physical inspection by one of our specialists in-store. Remember to bring Photo ID.
  3. If it is not possible to bring us the instrument in person, we will send you a pre-paid postage label, internal packaging and where necessary a hard case in which to place your instrument.

Please note there will be a £20 charge for this which will be deducted from your original estimate. This charge will not be made if a sale cannot be agreed even after it has been collected. In this case the item will simply be returned to you free of charge.

  1. Musical instruments and equipment are generally fragile and can be easily damaged. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure the item is packaged correctly to minimise the chance of damage while in transit. Fair Deal Music will accept no liability if instruments become damaged in transit.
  2. If the sender is having difficulty in packaging or has concerns about transporting the item via courier, we must be contacted before it is sent to us for further instruction. You can contact us on or call us on 0121 643 1685
  3. Once the item is received and the condition is verified then payment will be made electronically via BACs to the owner.

8.If the item upon inspection does not match the agreed description or condition, we will contact you to discuss further options. These include the following:

Modification of the price estimate to match the inspection valuation.


Return the item to the sender.

  1. If the seller wishes to proceed with the sale of the item, then payment will be made electronically via BACS. The bank account details must match the details of the seller/sender of the item in order for payment to be made.
If you would like further assistance, please give us a call on 0121 643 1685, or fill in the form below, we will be happy to help!