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Sell Your Drums

Where can I sell my drum set

After years playing a loyal instrument, there will be a time you will want to sell it. Drums especially can become problematic with regards to space, depending on your circumstances. You may be selling due to upgrading to a better drum kit and you can sell used drums in any number of places. If you are looking online for the best place to sell drums, using the search criteria “sell used drums near me”, you will find options that are either in store, or strictly online. For this reason, Fair Deal Music make sure you can sell your drum kit in both ways. Taking care of the sale of your equipment, by buying your used drums, and selling them for you.

Can I sell a used drum set if it has damage?

Just because there is some damage to the drum, doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot sell it, but it will have an effect on the value you are offered. The value of your drum kit will be higher the better the condition it is in. Sometimes it is better to sell drums individually, and others as a full set. Depending on the kit itself. If the drum is damaged, but still usable, it can still be sold. If the drum is a rare model, it could still fetch good money even in poorer condition. The demand for second-hand drums is usually consistent, as there are always new players needing a cheaper set to start their learning journey. As a rule, the older a drum is, the lower the value it will get, but this is not always the case. Vintage, and rare models are always in demand and can fetch a lot more from collectors.

Do I need to take a lot of photos in order to sell the drum?

You can submit as little as one photo of the drum, but it is harder to appraise the instrument. The more photos you send, from multiple angles, the more accurate the evaluation will be. You need to send images of any damages and scuffs present, and of every individual part of the kit. You can also sell cymbals, not just drums, so make sure to include any information and photos of those too!

Are my drums suitable for re-sale?

Unless the drum kit is in awful, unplayable condition, you most likely can sell your drums on the second-hand market. The best way to sell drums is to get a full appraisal done; don’t forget you can get a second opinion from other outlets. Some choose to sell privately, as they may get more money for their drums, but this also requires more time invested to find a buyer.

How long do I have to wait to be paid?

The process starts with you either coming into store, or filling out the online form. In this form you will be instructed to send images to check the quality. Fair Deal Music will aim to get this appraisal back to you as soon as possible. Once you have the valuation, you can then decide to proceed or go elsewhere. If you are happy to proceed, you can either have a box sent to you, or you can bring it in directly. Upon receiving the drum, and as long as there were no extra damages, you should receive your payment immediately via bank transfer.

Will someone pickup my drum?

You won’t have someone come to pick the drum up, you will be sent packaging that you can then send in your own time. If this is not the most convenient solution, and you are local to Birmingham. You can bring them in directly.