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Sell Your Flute

Why would you sell your flute?

There are several reasons you may decide to sell your flute; you are an experienced player and looking to upgrade to a better or more advanced flute; You may need to raise funds for something else; you have stopped playing the flute or don't plan to play in the future. Whatever the reason may be, you can sell your flute in numerous ways.

Where can I sell my flute?

The ways you can sell a flute depend on what your preferences are; you can go to a dealer, or sell privately. Selling to a dealership is usually the quickest way to sell, but privately selling your flute could fetch more money. It really depends on how much time you are willing to invest in finding a buyer. There are the usual online marketplaces, or you could even try selling at an auction. Before you sell a flute, you should weigh up the best option that works for you.

Can I re-sell my flute if it is damaged?

In short, yes you can sell a damaged flute. Damaged instruments will have an effect on the resale value. If you have looked after your instruments, you will be able to sell for more money. Selling your flute can be worth more money dependant on the extras it comes with, such as a case. Even with a damaged flute, if you have a rarer, or more in demand flute, you could ask for more money. For people looking to start playing a new instrument, they may not want to invest a lot of money in a hobby they may not enjoy. One assumption you can make; the older, and more common, your flute is, the less value it will have. This doesn’t apply if the particular flute you have is vintage, or is a rare product.

How many photos should I take of my flute?

Although there is no specific amount required when submitting for an evaluation, the more pictures you send, the more accurate the appraisal. The best way to get the most accurate price, is to submit some images of the full flute, and close ups on any marks, scratches and dents. If the images you provide are not clear, or do not show the condition of the flute, we will request more information.

Is my flute eligible for re-sale?

Unless there are some major issues, your flute will be eligible for re-sale. Providing the flute is in working order. The only way to get an indication as to whether you can sell, the flute needs an appraisal. Don’t always take the first offer you get, get a second opinion from alternative outlets, check whether you can easily sell it privately. The market may also be saturated with sellers, but very few buyers. If the instrument is not in demand, you may struggle to sell it.

How long do I have to wait to be paid?

There is an easy process in place to make sure you get your money as soon as possible. First, submit the information on the model of flute you have, with as many high-quality images. Fair Deal Music will then do everything they can to give you an accurate value as soon as possible. After you receive your evaluation, you then decide if you are happy with the value offered. If you agree, you will receive a box for you to ship your flute in. Once we have received the flute, barring any extreme circumstances, you will receive your payment immediately via bank transfer.