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Sell Your Trumpet

The decision to “sell my trumpet” isn’t always an easy one, as we grow attached to the instruments we love to play. There are several reasons people choose to sell their used trumpets, you might be upgrading to a higher model, or maybe it’s time to pass on your beloved instrument to another aspiring musician. Whatever the reason, navigating the resale market can be challenging, which is why Fair Deal Music offer a simpler option.

Where can I sell my trumpet?

Fair Deal Music offers several ways to sell used trumpets. You can come into store or fill out our pre-loved form, and upon acceptance, we will arrange a courier to collect it from you. The value of your trumpet is based on quality, condition, and demand. You can get more money if the trumpet is well looked after; especially if it's a model in demand.

Can I re-sell my trumpet if it is damaged?

If your trumpet has seen better days, you may feel you won’t be able to sell it. In most cases, we will make an offer, though the condition will significantly impact the price. It's essential to be transparent about any damage when listing your instrument for sale, whether you're doing it locally or online.

How long do I have to wait to be paid?

If you opt to sell your trumpet through our music store, it could be appraised and valued the same day. For online enquiries it will involve a longer process. Once you accept the valuation, we will send a box for collection. We usually release funds to your account once we receive your trumpet.

How many photos should I take of my trumpet?

The simple answer is “the more, the better”. High-quality, detailed photos from various angles can significantly increase the accuracy of the valuation. It is best to take pictures of every scuff, blemish or dent. If you don’t, then the initial offer may change when we receive the instrument.

Is my trumpet eligible for re-sale?

Determining your instrument’s eligibility involves assessing its condition, brand, and model. Most musical instruments have a resale value, especially if they are well-maintained. However, rare or high-demand models will likely fetch a higher price than more common ones.

How do I send off my trumpet?

To sell your trumpet online, you first need to fill in the following form, we will then contact you with our valuation offer as quickly as possible. If you are happy with the offer, we will then send you a box for you to ship your instrument. Upon delivery to us, we will do a final check to make sure nothing was missed. Then pay you the agreed fee immediately by bank transfer.

Why should you use Fair Deal Music to sell your used trumpet?

Selling a trumpet, be it a cherished beginner’s model or a professional-grade instrument, involves careful consideration of where and how to list it, how to present it attractively, and how to navigate the logistics of payment and shipping. If you are based in or around Birmingham, we are the best solution to “sell a trumpet near me”. We understand the music scene in Birmingham better than anyone, and will make sure your used trumpet goes to a loving new home!