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1979/80 Kitty Hawk Dumble, USED

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Reknowned as the best Kittyhawk the Roy Brothers produced, this specific amplifier is a real stunner!

This one is from 1979/1980, being apart of the first run after Howard Dumble stopped working with the Roy brothers. Sonically it is a stunning mixture between a Dumble and Mesa Boogie and sounds just as good as you'd expect. It is currently fitted with its original EVM12L, being rare to find a non-swapped example!  

At the end of the 1970s, the Roy brothers operated a distribution for rare American boutique amplifiers in the Ruhr area, including models from Dumble and Mesa Boogie. Howard Alexander Dumble is now legendary, but was still completely unknown in our latitudes towards the end of the 1970s. 

Thanks to the Roy brothers, a good dozen of his combos were exported to Germany! Dumble only sent the finished chassis without housing and speakers. These were manufactured in this country and finally came into circulation properly in the 1980s, spiking in popularity due to its place on stage and in studios with icons like Joe Bonamassa!

A very very rare amplifier to find in such good condition. 


Clearly used, however in amazing condition, with everything working as it would've in 1979!