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Bentley Guitar Amplifier Combo, USED

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This second-hand amplifier is a unique and custom-built piece that showcases craftsmanship and attention to detail. It features a captivating aesthetic with dark-green tolex covering and a cream-colored grille cloth, creating a vintage-inspired and visually appealing appearance.

Underneath its stylish exterior, this amplifier boasts a powerful and versatile sound. It is equipped with two EL34 tubes, known for their warm and dynamic characteristics, providing a rich and harmonically rich tone. The three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp stage ensure smooth and responsive signal amplification, delivering the desired gain and clarity.

The amplifier is fitted with a Celestion G12-65 speaker, renowned for its balanced tonal response and exceptional projection. This speaker complements the amplifier's circuitry, allowing for a wide range of tones to be reproduced faithfully, whether you're seeking clean, chimey sounds or driving, overdriven textures.

On the faceplate of this combo, you can see controls for pre-amp volume, master volume, treble, middle, bass and presence. With the features tubes and speaker choice, as well as the high and low sensitivity inputs, this seems very reminiscent of a JCM800.

As a second-hand amplifier, it is important to note that its history and previous use may vary. However, the overall condition of the amplifier is typically evaluated to ensure proper functioning and performance. Any signs of wear or damage would be disclosed, but in this case, the amplifier is described as second-hand and assumed to be in good working condition without any significant signs of damage. With that said, this amp sounds absolutely brilliant! This would be ideal for any Marshall enthusiast that's looking for that tone without busting the bank!


This amp is in good condition, with exposed seams on the tolex and some small scratches/blemishes.

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