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Blackstar amPlug2 Fly Bass Headphone Amp

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Original price £39.00
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Blackstar finally bring the small format amp to their line-up for players on the go or after a quiet practice solution. The amPlug2 is a simple 'plug in and play' deal in order to make jamming as effortless as possible. No long wires or cables, power problems or big amps just to listen back through your headphones. 

Not only is this a practical piece of kit for a silent writing session, but because it's Blackstar you're sure to get a great, classic sound out of it too. Dial in a clean, bright and airy tone, retro British crunch and even something a bit heavier on the overdrive channel for the hard rock players out there.

Add one of three quality sounding reverbs into the mix,  three built-in chorus effects and another three types of delay - all with unique qualities. Blackstar have even implemented their patented Infinite Shape Feature so you can sculpt your tone to either favour the naturally compressed British midrange or fatter sounding American preferences. There's plenty to experiment with to make this the ultimate writing tool on the go.