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Blackstar HT Club 50 Venue Series 50W 2-Channel Guitar Amp Head, USED

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Introducing the Blackstar HT Club 50 Venue Series Guitar Amp Head – a commanding 50-watt powerhouse that stands as a beacon of versatility and tone in the world of guitar amplification. The HT Club 50 exemplifies Blackstar's dedication to delivering premium sound and innovation, making it an exceptional choice for professional musicians, stage performers, and studio enthusiasts.

At the core of the HT Club 50 is a dual-channel design that spans a wide tonal spectrum. The clean channel offers pristine and articulate tones, from shimmering cleans to rich, dynamic jazz textures. On the overdrive channel, the HT Club 50 truly shines, delivering a vast range of tones from classic crunch to high-gain distortion, making it a versatile companion for various musical genres.

Powered by two EL34 power tubes, the HT Club 50 produces a bold and responsive sound that captures the essence of classic British rock tones. The four ECC83 preamp tubes contribute to a harmonically rich signal path, ensuring a dynamic and expressive playing experience that responds to every nuance of your playing style.

The patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control allows you to shape your tone between the iconic characteristics of American and British amplifiers, providing an unprecedented level of sonic flexibility. This, coupled with a comprehensive EQ section, empowers you to sculpt your sound precisely to suit any musical context.

The HT Club 50 is designed for the stage, studio, or any environment where uncompromising tone and power are essential. Equipped with an onboard digital reverb, effects loop, and speaker-emulated output for direct recording, this amp head offers modern conveniences without sacrificing the classic tube-driven character.

With its rugged build and striking aesthetics, including the vintage-style 'Chicken Head' control knobs, the Blackstar HT Club 50 Venue Series Guitar Amp Head is not just an amplifier; it's a statement of sonic excellence and professional-grade reliability. Experience the power, versatility, and unmistakable tone of the Blackstar HT Club 50 – where innovation meets tradition in a harmonious blend of stage-ready brilliance.