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Blackstar HT Stage 60, USED

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The Blackstar HT Stage 60 is a powerful and versatile guitar amplifier designed to deliver a wide range of tones suitable for various musical genres. It is part of Blackstar's HT Venue series, known for its all-tube circuitry and flexible features.

The amp has an output power of 60 watts, making it suitable for both home practice and live performances in smaller to mid-sized venues. It utilizes all-tube circuitry, which contributes to its warm and rich sound. The preamp section features ECC83 (12AX7) tubes, while the power amp section utilizes EL34 tubes, a classic combination known for its British amp heritage.

With two footswitchable channels, the Blackstar HT Stage 60 allows you to easily switch between different sounds during a performance. The Clean channel provides pristine and crystal-clear tones, perfect for anything from shimmering cleans to mild breakup when pushed. On the other hand, the Overdrive channel offers a wide range of gain levels, from bluesy crunch to high-gain distortion, allowing you to dial in anything from classic rock to modern metal tones.

One of the unique features of Blackstar amplifiers is the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control, which allows you to shape the amp's tonal character continuously. By turning the ISF knob fully counterclockwise, you get a classic British "woody" tone, while turning it fully clockwise gives you a more scooped American sound. You can achieve a variety of tonal blends in between, enabling you to dial in your preferred tonal profile.

The HT Stage 60 also comes equipped with a built-in digital reverb, adding spaciousness and depth to your sound. The reverb can be controlled independently for each channel, giving you further control over your tone.

For integrating external effects pedals and processors, the amp provides an effects loop, maintaining signal purity while allowing you to explore a world of creative possibilities.

The Blackstar HT Stage 60 is typically available in a 2x12" speaker configuration, which provides a balanced sound and wider dispersion compared to a single-speaker amp.

The Blackstar HT Stage 60 is highly regarded for its tonal flexibility, allowing guitarists to achieve a wide range of sounds, from sparkling cleans to roaring high-gain distortion. Its combination of all-tube circuitry, ISF control, and built-in reverb makes it a compelling choice for guitar players seeking a versatile and reliable amp for both studio and stage use.


This amp is in good condition, with some small signs of wear on the tolex.

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