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Blackstar St. James 50w 6L6 Ultra Lightweight Valve Head & Matching 2x12 Cab

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  • Description
  • 6L6 Head
  • 212VOC Cabinet
  • Responding to the needs of guitarists everywhere, Blackstar brings to the world the St. James range of amps. These truly lightweight and portable valve amplifiers are less than half the weight of their traditional counterparts, built for performance with modern features for flexibility and ease of use.

    This 6L6 variant Head with matching cab sports a sleek, contemporary look with crisp US cleans and modern high gain.

  • The St. James is a 50w, dual channel amplifier which delivers Blackstar's best ever cleans and overdrives to date. With pro connectivity, the St. James integrates into any setup using low latency USB audio as a valve interface for recording, or XLR D.I. for live use. A Power Reduction switch allows you to select 50 Watts, 2 Watts or Sag to easily get the perfect balance of power and response for any situation from studio to stage.

    Featuring a built-in reactive load, you can drive the valves without a speaker connected, perfect for using the on board Cab Rig technology, a speaker simulator that reproduces the sound and feel of a mic’d up guitar cab in incredible detail. Deep-dive using the accompanying free software and capture the incredible tones via USB / XLR out or headphones.

    This 6L6 model sports a classic US clean and modern high gain, with a Voice switch for more saturation and looser feel with plenty of resonant low-end ‘chug’.


    Power: 50w
    2x ECC83, 2x 6L6
    Channels: 2
    Bass, Middle, Treble
    Power Reduction: 50w, Sag, 2w
    Effects: Reverb
    Built-in Reactive Load: Yes
    Cab Rig DSP: Yes
    USB Audio: Yes
    XLR Cab Rig Output: Yes
    Series Effects Loop: Yes (with level switch)
    Footswitch: 2-Way Included
    Dimensions (mm): 402 x 222 x 214
    Weight (kg): 6.7

  • This St. James cabinet is designed to compliment the 6L6 Head, with matching Black tolex and Silver Birch grill cloth.

    Blackstar has worked closely with Celestion to design the exclusive Zephyr speaker, a unique, lightweight speaker that uses a traditional ferrite magnet. Based on the ‘soft parts’ and voicing of a Vintage 30, the Zephyr packs a huge tonal punch but at a fraction of the weight of a standard guitar amp speaker.


    Power: 140w
    Mono, 4 Ohm or 16 Ohm
    Speakers: 2x 12" Celestion Zephyrs
    Open/Closed Back: Yes
    Dimensions (mm): 501 x 718 x 295
    Weight (kg): 13.6