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Bludotone Mordecai 100w Boutique Head, USED

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£5,600.00 - £5,600.00
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If you have ever seen the movie High Plains Drifter, you may recall his side kick Mordecai. What Mordecai lacked in size and stature he made up for in wallup!

The stock voice of the Mordecai is a cross between the mid 60s southern California sound and its larger sibling the High Plains Drifter, presented with a more scooped midrange, and chimey jangle than the High Plains Drifter.

The Mordecai has a more immediate and punchy feel versus the High-Plains Drifter, not to mention it is quite a bit more compact and portable at 46lbs and just slightly taller than a Bludodrive.

An absolutely stunning boutique amplifier that 100% needs to be played. 


Like new, perfect condition with no markings or faults. 


Power cable.