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BOSS Box-40 40th Anniversary Collection,USED

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**BOSS Box-40 40th Anniversary Collection: A Commemoration of Classic Pedal Innovation**

In celebration of four decades of pioneering compact pedal innovation, BOSS proudly presents the Compact Pedal 40th Anniversary Box Set – a limited-edition collection featuring reissues of the original three BOSS compact pedal models: the OD-1 Over Drive, PH-1 Phaser, and SP-1 Spectrum. This special commemorative package is a one-time-only release, with only 1500 sets produced worldwide. Each set is elegantly presented in a deluxe box adorned with the BOSS 40th Anniversary logo and includes a numbered message card.

**Key Features:**

1. **Commemorative Set:**
- The box set pays tribute to the groundbreaking compact series that began in 1977, featuring the iconic "traffic light series" pedals – OD-1 Over Drive (red), PH-1 Phaser (yellow), and SP-1 Spectrum (green).

2. **Hand-Wired Reissues:**
- Crafted in Japan, the reissues are meticulously wired and assembled by hand, ensuring the same attention to detail as the original pedals. This authentic production process captures the essence of the pedals that started it all.

3. **Faithful Reproduction:**
- Carefully selected components and precise circuit adjustments faithfully reproduce the original pedals' sound and response. The reissues capture the warmth, dynamics, and iconic characteristics of the classic models.

4. **Modern Enhancements:**
- While maintaining the vintage charm, modern enhancements have been subtly incorporated. These include a PSA-compatible power section, a reinforced battery snap, and an LED on/off status indicator – features that add convenience without compromising the authentic tone.

5. **Limited Production:**
- Only 1500 box sets have been produced globally, making this collection a truly exclusive and sought-after piece for guitar enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of the legendary BOSS compact pedals.

**Individual Pedal Highlights:**

1. **OD-1 Over Drive: Timeless Tone**
- The OD-1 introduced the concept of the overdrive pedal to the world in 1977. Its asymmetric clipping circuit produces even-order harmonics, resulting in a warm and pleasing tone reminiscent of a cranked-up tube amp. The OD-1 reissue features a circuit with four op-amps, faithfully reproducing the original OD-1 response characteristics.

2. **PH-1 Phaser: Classic Four-Stage Modulation**
- The PH-1, born in the same year, aimed for improved clarity and a deeper modulation range compared to other phasers of the era. The reissue carefully matches FETs for the four phase-shifting circuits, replicating the natural and mild sound of the original PH-1.

3. **SP-1 Spectrum: The Rarest of All BOSS Pedals**
- Derived from an effect found in early Roland guitar and bass amps, the SP-1 is a single-band parametric equalizer with a fixed level boost. This unique pedal, cherished by bassists, offers a fixed-position wah-like sound with a focused boost at the center frequency. The reissue replicates the rarity and original sound of the SP-1, produced in limited numbers until 1981.

**A Legacy Preserved:**

The BOSS Box-40 40th Anniversary Collection encapsulates the legacy of compact pedal innovation that has shaped the sound of generations of musicians. With only 1500 sets available worldwide, each housing faithfully crafted reissues of the original three pedals, this limited-edition box set is not just a celebration of the past but a cherished piece of BOSS history. Experience the iconic tones that started it all with this hand-wired tribute to four decades of BOSS compact pedal excellence.