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The Boss DUAL CUBE LX is a portable stereo guitar amplifier designed for versatile and flexible use. Whether you're practicing at home, jamming with friends, recording, performing on stage, or livestreaming, this amplifier provides a range of features to suit your needs.

**Key Features:**

1. **Ultra-Portable Design:**
- Compact and lightweight for easy portability.
- Ideal for home practice, jamming, recording, and various applications.

2. **Stereo Sound:**
- Equipped with two custom-designed 4-inch speakers for a full stereo sound.
- 10-watt stereo power amp (5 watts x 2) provides ample volume for various settings.

3. **Versatile Amp Models:**
- Eight newly developed guitar amp types to suit different playing styles.
- One dedicated mic preamp type for using the amp as a portable vocal PA system.

4. **Onboard Effects:**
- Seven onboard effects with deep editing capabilities through the DUAL CUBE LX Editor app.
- Spice up your tones with mod effects, Heavy Octave, delay, and reverb.

5. **Sound Customisation:**
- Three-band equaliser for shaping your tone.
- Store amp and effects settings in 27 memories (3 memories for each amp type).
- Deep sound customisation through the DUAL CUBE LX Editor app on iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS.

6. **Flexible Connectivity:**
- Powered via AC adaptor (included) or eight AA batteries for on-the-go use.
- Stereo line output with mic'd cab emulation for connecting to a PA system.
- Phones/Rec jack with support for an inline headphones microphone.
- USB audio for direct recording and livestreaming.

7. **Performance Features:**
- Stereo Line Out jacks for direct connection to a PA system.
- Record mix-ready sounds in music software via USB or i-CUBE Link.
- Phones/Rec jack with mic volume control for capturing voice with headphones mic.

8. **Play-Along Options:**
- Stereo aux input, USB, and i-CUBE Link Loopback for playing along with backing tracks.
- Optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor for wireless streaming and remote control.

9. **Authentic Amp Tones:**
- Finely tuned stereo speaker system produces authentic and punchy guitar tones.
- Choose from eight versatile amp types with natural feel and organic response.

10. **Optional Accessories:**
- Control jack for up to two external footswitches for additional functionality.
- Onboard looper (requires optional footswitch).
- Connector for optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor (BT-DUAL).

The Boss DUAL CUBE LX is a versatile desktop powerhouse that combines portability with advanced features, making it suitable for a wide range of playing scenarios. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this amplifier offers a range of tones and customisation options to suit your playing style.