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Boss Katana Artist Combo Guitar Amplifier MkII

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The quality of sound on offer here has been created with professionals in mind. A custom 12" Waza speaker brings heaps of vintage rock character to the table. This piece of premium engineering is characterised by smooth mids, a broad dynamic response and luxurious harmonic overtones.


The semi-closed back and wide baffle design results in additional punch and power, with an excellent focus and rich low end. There’s plenty of presence in the mid-range too.

BOSS’s Tube Logic architecture delivers the same output distortion you’d expect from authentic tube amps. However, both the feel and sound increase in responsiveness and richness when you decide to increase the volume. A variable power control ensures you’ll find the perfect middle ground between being too overpowering, or too quiet.  

Absolute Character

Five amp characters (with five variations) offer ten contrasting tonal options to select from. Alongside them, make use of the five simultaneous effects options; its almost like having your very own custom pedalboard inside an amp! This can all be tweaked and customised further via BOSS Tone Studio. This editor is filled to the brim with 60+ effects, allowing for some serious levels of experimentation.

BOSS Tone Studio Updates

An updated look and a streamlined interface lead to a more efficient workflow. For example, the separate Pedal FX category means you can assign pedal/wah effects etc to your connected expression pedal. Custom patches can be imported and used with the Katana-Artist MKII as well!

Tone Shaping

A three-way contour switch was incorporated to shape the amps base tone; three global EQ settings then let you meticulously alter your tone with a variety of styles and guitars. There’s even an integrated panel knob which benefits the foot-controllable, post amp solo boost. These features are exclusive to the Katana-Artist MKII.

2 for 1?

Dual Link makes it straightforward to use two Katana-Artist MKII’s as a pair. Both can be individually configured with their own unique setups. You can then take control of both using a foot controller, blending and swapping between completely contrasting tones on the fly. Or, use Stereo Expand to operate one as the master unit, with the other a slave. When using stereo compatible effects (reverb, delay, chorus etc) this creates an all-encompassing wall of sound projected from both amps.

Total Recall

Tone Setting memories let you store and immediately recall your preferred effects and amp character setups. Saving your preferences to one of the slots is as easy as holding down a button. Each one can be quickly selected and changed. Connecting an external footswitch provides hands-free control of these settings – something that’s especially useful in a live situation!


Send mix-ready tones from your amp to a DAW, headphones or PA using the mic’d cab emulation found on the recording, phones and USB/line outputs. Air Feel settings are used to shape your sound further, while true stereo tracking is possible thanks to two-channel USB audio.


  • Professional standard 100W combo amp featuring improved tone.
  • Custom made Waza 12" speaker delivers better power handling with a classic British stack speaker tone and response.
  • External control support using footswitches, MIDI, expression pedals, or a foot controller.
  • Use power control for a beefier tone/response when operating at lower volumes.
  • BOSS Tone Studio offers three Air Feel settings.
  • Mic’d cab emulation on the USB, line, recording and phones outputs.
  • Instantly store and recall effects and amp settings via eight tone memory banks.
  • Parallel/series effect loop.
  • External speaker outputs.
  • Power amp input for modelers, preamps, multi effects etc.
  • Use the BOSS Tone Studio editor software packed with 60+ effects to craft your ideal sound. Harness post/pre-EQ, pedal FX and a whole lot more.
  • Dual amp expansion for true stereo effects and GA-FC control.
  • Solo function (switchable) with a level control.
  • Shape your tone with the three-way contour and global EQ switch.
  • Five amp characters; five variations – alongside mod, FX, booster, delay and reverb (with a further three variants for each).
  • Semi-closed back design projects a rich low end with tight, focused and precise tone.
  • Class-AB power amp results in an increased musical response.
  • Tube logic architecture leads to serious punch, power and presence.