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Chord CP9 9V Power Bank Supply w/ Isolated Outputs

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If you are using multiple pedals and particularly, you’ll want to give those pedals the right power at all times, The Chord CP9 9V Power Bank Supply with Isolated Outputs is what you look for. This power supply simultaneously powers up to ten effects pedals at one time, from just one UK main outlet. 


The Chord CP9 9V Power Bank Supply features multiple output power supply designed for guitar pedals and accessories. It is built into a slim yet sturdy, robust aluminum housing. The power source is powered by the provided 18Vdc adaptor, which contains four area plugs to allow the user to use it in any region. A row of 9 DC outputs includes 9V, 12V, and 18V output options, and a variety of DC power leads are included for connecting. 

The Chord CP9 9V power bank supply is easy to use with an on and off power switch with a power indication LED. One of its awesome features is the low noise or hum-built-in ventilation hole in the rear of the power supply, so you won't have to worry about overheating when running at full load. The radiation and current noise have been adjusted in a very limited range for a better sound, and it's definitely worth the money. This power supply is lightweight and has great portability. It is easy to carry and can fit on most pedalboards. With the Chord CP9 9V power bank supply, you do not have to worry about purchasing batteries, nor worry about battery life. 


  • Power supply 15Vdc, 1A
  • Output 9Vdc, 100mA / outlet
  • Supplied up to 10 connection cables to plug right into your pedals
  • Supplied with the UK mains power plug
  • On and off power switch with power indication LED