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Orange Crush 20RT Combo Guitar Combo

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When it comes to warmth, volume and tone you'd be pushed to try and one-up Orange amplifiers. From their most expensive and exclusive models, down to their most affordable beginner ranges, Orange have a reputation for high-quality. With a fully analogue signal, "valve-like" sound production and the option for as much signal saturation as you could want, the Crush 20RT is perfect for home practice, studio recording and small gig settings.


The all analogue signal path of the Crush 20RT is evidence of Orange's commitment to continual use of analog circuitry, making sure that even the most affordable of models can produce that trademark Orange sound that we all know to expect when we see their famous logo adorning a speaker. The 3-band EQ section on the amp is the perfect finishing touch, with the whole package inspiring musicians to play their instrument and not their effects.

With detailed saturation and versitility, you get to experience a complex range of sound options hitherto unheard of in a practice amp. Play everything from crispy clean, to Orange's signature bluesy tube-like crunch, to an ultra-saturated high-gain metal sound without loosing any of that exceptional richness and clarity that Orange pride themselves on producing. Switch between the clean and dirty channels either via the amp's top panel, or via the optional footswitch.

Make use of any number of effects without sacrificing tone with the Crush 20RT's fully buffered, low impedance Effects Loop. For those purists who like their guitar's tone to be as clean as possible, even with the use of effects, you can't go wrong with a good effects loop option.

Orange's trademark Cab Sim feature opens up a whole new world of headphone / recording options for your sound, allowing you to accurately emulate the sound of a mic'd Orange 4x12 cabinet loaded with Voice of The World Speakers and making any recording sound as authentically "Orange" as is possible without having to make use of the much bigger and more cumbersome alternatives.


  • Twin Channel Design with High Gain Preamp, 3-Band EQ, Reverb, Chromatic Tuner, Aux In & CabSim-Loaded Phones Output
  • Control Panel (Top, Left to Right): Instrument Input, Clean Volume, Dirty Gain, bass, middle, Treble, Dirty Volume, Channel Selector Switch, Aux In, Phones Output
  • Control Panel (Below): Integrated Chromatic Tuner, Reverb
  • Rear Panel: Footswitch Jack (Footswitch optional)
  • Finish: Orange Basketweave Vinyl
  • Output Power: 20 Watts
  • Speaker: 8" Custom Voice of The World
  • Unboxed Dimensions: 14.67" x 12.8" x 7.75"
  • Unboxed Weight: 7.2kg