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Fender Tom Morello Stratocaster, Ex-Display

Original price £1,599.00
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Original price £1,599.00
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Current price £1,099.00
The Fender Tom Morello Stratocaster® with a Rosewood Fingerboard in Black is a signature guitar designed in collaboration with the renowned guitarist Tom Morello. This unique instrument combines classic Stratocaster design with modern features, paying homage to Morello's innovative playing style and iconic sound.

Key Features:

1. Unique Design: The Tom Morello Stratocaster® features a distinctive black finish and a "Soul Power" decal on the body, reflecting Morello's bold and politically-charged aesthetic. The guitar's striking appearance makes a statement on stage, while its ergonomic contours ensure comfort during long performances.

2. Floyd Rose® Tremolo System: Equipped with a Floyd Rose® tremolo system, this guitar allows for extreme pitch bends and dive bombs, giving players the ability to emulate Morello's signature whammy bar techniques. Whether you're creating ethereal textures or aggressive dive bombs, the Floyd Rose® tremolo system provides dynamic control over your playing.

3. Custom Seymour Duncan® Pickups: The Tom Morello Stratocaster® features custom Seymour Duncan® pickups, designed to replicate Morello's unique tone and playing style. These high-output pickups deliver the aggressive, high-gain sound that Morello is known for, making this guitar ideal for rock, metal, and alternative music.

4. "Kill Switch" Toggle: One of the standout features of the Tom Morello Stratocaster® is its "kill switch" toggle, which allows players to instantly mute the guitar's signal for stutter effects and rhythmic patterns. This feature enables players to replicate Morello's signature "scratch" and "helicopter" sounds with ease, adding a new dimension to their playing.

5. Modern "C" Neck Profile: The maple neck of the Tom Morello Stratocaster® features a modern "C" profile, providing a comfortable and ergonomic playing experience. Whether you're performing intricate leads or aggressive rhythm parts, the slim and fast neck profile ensures effortless playability across the entire fretboard.

6. Rosewood Fingerboard: The rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and resonance to the guitar's tone, complementing the high-output Seymour Duncan® pickups. With its smooth feel and classic appearance, the rosewood fingerboard enhances the playability and aesthetic appeal of the instrument.

7. Signature Style: The Tom Morello Stratocaster® is more than just a guitar – it's a statement of individuality and artistic expression. Whether you're a fan of Morello's music or simply appreciate innovative guitar design, this signature instrument allows you to channel Morello's revolutionary spirit and make a bold statement with your playing.

Overall, the Fender Tom Morello Stratocaster® with a Rosewood Fingerboard in Black is a versatile and inspiring instrument that celebrates the groundbreaking work of one of rock music's most innovative guitarists. With its unique design, high-performance features, and signature style, this guitar empowers players to unleash their creativity and make their mark on the world of music.