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Dean Razorback 255 Union Jack, USED

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Introducing the Dean Razorback 255 Union Jack – a ferocious and visually striking electric guitar designed for those who crave bold aesthetics and high-performance playability. Crafted by Dean Guitars, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge design and heavy-duty sound, the Razorback 255 Union Jack is a metal powerhouse that pays homage to British rock heritage with its eye-catching Union Jack flag graphic.

The Razorback 255 Union Jack features a solid mahogany body with Dean's iconic and aggressive Razorback shape. The sleek and beveled edges of the body enhance the guitar's edgy appearance while providing comfort for players who prefer a more extreme design.

The set mahogany neck with a comfortable "C" profile and 22 jumbo frets on the ebony fingerboard ensures a fast and effortless playing experience. The razor-like inlays and the distinctive headstock further contribute to the guitar's menacing aesthetic.

Equipped with a pair of high-output Dean humbucking pickups, the Razorback 255 delivers a powerful and articulate tone, ideal for heavy metal and hard rock. The three-way pickup selector switch allows you to navigate between different tonal options, while the master volume and tone controls provide additional flexibility in shaping your sound.

The Floyd Rose Special tremolo bridge adds dive-bombing and expressive pitch effects to your playing, while the locking nut ensures tuning stability, even under the most aggressive whammy bar antics.

From the Union Jack graphic that proudly adorns the body to the chrome hardware and black hardware accents, the Razorback 255 Union Jack is a visual statement as much as it is a sonic one. The guitar invites you to embrace your rebellious side and make a bold statement on stage or in the studio.

Whether you're a metal virtuoso or a guitarist seeking an instrument that stands out in the crowd, the Dean Razorback 255 Union Jack is ready to deliver the goods. It's more than a guitar; it's a symbol of raw power, aggressive style, and a nod to the British rock heritage. Unleash the sonic fury of the Razorback 255 Union Jack and make your presence known wherever the stage may be.