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Dunlop Blues Bottle Guitar Slide Sunburst 277 Medium Regular Wall

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An authentic design perfect for you aspiring blues masters. The Jim Dunlop Sunburst Blues Bottle, Medium is individually crafted to provide you with the thick, bright tones made famous by the likes of Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones.

Inspired by the original medicine-bottle slides, the sleek, hand blown glass allows for delicate transitions across the fretboard and that iconic blues sustain tone. The weighted closed ends provide comfort and balance to the player along with impeccable durability. Reinvent the sound of the early US blues masters with the revolutionary tool that brought them to fame.

  • Individually crafted to produce crisp, bright tones
  • Hand blown glass creates sleek, lightweight design
  • Signature blues sustain at your fingertips
  • Inspired by the original medicine-bottle design that defined the early blues era