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Dunlop Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition, USED

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**Dunlop Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition: A Half-Century of Wah Legacy**

In commemoration of 50 years of wah innovation, Dunlop proudly presents the Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition. This limited-edition pedal pays homage to the iconic Cry Baby, a pedal that has become synonymous with expressive guitar tones and has played a crucial role in shaping the sound of countless musicians over the decades.

**Key Features:**

1. **Golden Anniversary Design:**
- The Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition sports a unique golden finish, celebrating five decades of wah excellence. The gold colour, accompanied by special badging, distinguishes this pedal as a collector's item and a symbol of the enduring legacy of the Cry Baby.

2. **Vintage Tone, Modern Precision:**
- This special edition Cry Baby preserves the vintage tonal characteristics that made the original pedal famous. With carefully selected components and meticulous craftsmanship, it captures the essence of the classic wah sound while incorporating modern precision and reliability.

3. **Custom 50th Anniversary Badge:**
- Each pedal features a custom 50th Anniversary badge, highlighting its exclusive status as part of this limited production run. The badge includes a unique serial number, further emphasising its collector's appeal.

4. **Time-Tested Wah Circuit:**
- The Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition retains the time-tested wah circuit that has made Cry Baby a standard in the world of wah pedals. Its expressive sweep and dynamic response allow players to articulate their playing with unparalleled wah control.

5. **Dunlop Build Quality:**
- Known for their rugged construction, Dunlop Cry Baby pedals are built to withstand the demands of both the stage and the studio. The 50th Anniversary Edition continues this tradition, ensuring durability and reliability in any musical environment.

6. **Limited Worldwide Production:**
- In line with the celebration of this milestone, the Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition is produced in limited quantities worldwide. Each unit represents a piece of wah history and a testament to the enduring popularity of the Cry Baby.

**Preserving Wah History:**

The Dunlop Cry Baby 50th Anniversary Edition is more than a pedal; it's a celebration of 50 years of wah innovation. With its distinctive golden finish, classic wah tone, and exclusive badging, this special edition Cry Baby is a must-have for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to own a piece of wah history. Join the celebration and experience the Cry Baby legacy in its golden anniversary edition.