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Dunlop Hendrix Gypsy Fuzz, USED

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£110.00 - £110.00
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**Dunlop Hendrix Gypsy Fuzz: Unleash the Spirit of Jimi**

The Dunlop Hendrix Gypsy Fuzz pedal pays homage to the legendary Jimi Hendrix and his iconic fuzz tones that shaped the sound of an era. Designed to capture the essence of Jimi's distinct fuzz sound, this pedal is a sonic journey back to the psychedelic, expressive tones of the '60s.

**Key Features:**

1. **Vintage Fuzz Tones:** Immerse yourself in the warm, saturated fuzz tones reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix's most iconic recordings. The Gypsy Fuzz faithfully recreates the vintage fuzz character that defined the psychedelic rock era.

2. **Classic Hendrix Styling:** Adorned with artwork inspired by Jimi Hendrix's Gypsy Eyes, the pedal captures the spirit of the legendary guitarist. The sleek, compact design pays homage to the classic pedals of the '60s.

3. **Easy-to-Use Controls:** The Gypsy Fuzz features straightforward controls, allowing you to dial in your ideal fuzz sound effortlessly. Adjust the Volume, Fuzz, and Tone controls to sculpt your tone from smooth, sustaining fuzz to biting, aggressive distortion.

4. **True Bypass Switching:** Maintain the integrity of your guitar signal with true bypass switching. When the pedal is disengaged, it ensures that your signal passes through unaffected, preserving your guitar's natural tone.

5. **Durable Construction:** Built to withstand the rigors of the road, the Gypsy Fuzz features a rugged housing that ensures durability during intense performances and studio sessions.

6. **Versatile Applications:** Whether you're aiming to recreate Jimi's legendary tones or seeking to infuse your own playing with vintage-inspired fuzz, the Gypsy Fuzz is a versatile tool suitable for various musical styles.

7. **Powered for Performance:** The pedal can be powered by a standard 9-volt battery or an external power supply, providing flexibility for both stage and studio setups.

**Unleash the Fuzz, Channel the Spirit:**

The Dunlop Hendrix Gypsy Fuzz pedal is more than an effects unit – it's a portal to the era of psychedelic rock. Recreate the sonic landscapes of Jimi Hendrix, infuse your playing with vintage warmth, and embark on a musical journey that transcends time with the Gypsy Fuzz by Dunlop.