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Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy M169 Analog Delay Pedal, USED

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The Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy M169 Analog Delay Pedal: Vintage Tone, Modern Reliability

The MXR Carbon Copy M169 is a classic analog delay pedal known for its warm, rich repeats and simple yet effective design. With its bucket brigade circuitry and true bypass switching, the Carbon Copy delivers the authentic sound of vintage analog delay units while offering modern reliability and performance.

1. **Analog Bucket Brigade Delay**: The Carbon Copy utilises bucket brigade circuitry to produce lush, organic delay tones reminiscent of vintage analog delay pedals. Its all-analog signal path preserves the warmth and character of your guitar's tone, making it ideal for adding depth and dimension to your sound.

2. **Simple and Intuitive Controls**: The Carbon Copy features three easy-to-use controls for Delay, Regen (feedback), and Mix (blend). The Delay knob adjusts the delay time from 20ms to 600ms, allowing you to dial in anything from short slapback echoes to long, ambient trails. The Regen knob controls the amount of feedback, while the Mix knob lets you blend the delayed signal with your dry signal for the perfect balance.

3. **Modulation Mode**: The Carbon Copy also includes a modulation switch that adds a subtle chorus-like modulation to the delayed signal, giving your repeats a lush, shimmering texture. Engage the modulation for a vintage tape echo sound or leave it off for a cleaner delay tone—either way, the Carbon Copy delivers smooth, musical modulation that enhances your overall sound.

4. **True Bypass Switching**: Like all MXR pedals, the Carbon Copy features true bypass switching, ensuring that your guitar's signal remains pure and uncoloured when the pedal is bypassed. This transparent bypass design preserves the integrity of your tone and eliminates any signal degradation or tone loss when the pedal is not in use.

5. **Compact and Roadworthy Design**: Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the Carbon Copy is built to withstand the rigours of the road. Its compact size and top-mounted jacks make it easy to fit onto any pedalboard, while its durable construction ensures reliable performance night after night.

Overall, the Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy M169 Analog Delay Pedal offers vintage analog delay tones in a compact, reliable package. Whether you're playing blues, rock, country, or any other style of music, the Carbon Copy delivers the warm, organic delay tones that will take your playing to the next level.