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Dunlop NC65 Guitar Neck Cradle

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional guitarist or have ever played the guitar, you would know how important it requires cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals. You may also have to occasionally change the strings of your guitar when they are worn out and may have to carry out repairs in case of any damage. Generally, while people do these things, they tend to rest the guitar’s neck either on their lap or on a pillow, which is not the correct thing to do. When one does so, he is keeping the guitar on an uneven surface and there are higher chances of your guitar slipping away or falling down. It can also sometimes damage the guitar while you are repairing it or changing its strings. But Hang On Buddy! We have a simple yet effective solution to your problem. It is the best accessory your stringed instruments can have which will keep the neck of your instrument stable and avoid any accidental mishap.

The solution is to use the Dunlop NC65 Guitar Neck Cradle that will provide support to the guitar when it is kept down. Developed by the renowned guitar manufacturer, this Neck Cradle is a revolutionary product that will provide support to the guitar’s neck while it is undergoing servicing, repairs, and adjustment. This will ensure that your guitar is kept at the most suitable angle while you are working on it. It is suitable for all types of guitar, whether electric or acoustic. 

It is designed like a V-Shaped holder which can be easily adjusted to any angle and according to the weight of the guitar. It can also conveniently hold any neck without any difficulty and provides a stable base for your guitar. Unlike other neck cradles in the market, this is made up of good-quality material that can easily hold up all types of guitar of any weight. The neck cradle in its UP position can securely hold a considerable amount of weight of any guitar. In its DOWN position, you can use it to work on the back of the instrument and carry out the necessary cleaning and repairs at the most suitable angle. 

Without a doubt, it is definitely an indispensable tool for percussionists of stringed instruments. Convenient and safe to use on all types of guitars, this Dunlop NC65 Guitar Neck Cradle helps you to change strings quickly and to do the necessary repairs and maintenance in a secure and sturdy way. We are a brand that has built its legacy and all our products are worth your time and money. Make a wise choice by purchasing this Dunlop NC65 Guitar Neck Cradle and we guarantee you won't regret this decision of ours.