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Eden AstroFlange Bass Guitar Effects Pedal - Limited Stock Remaining [Open-Box]

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Original price £89.00
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Current price £35.00

The Eden AstroFlange flanger pedal has been designed specifically for bass. It produces a strong defined flanger effect and allows you to dial in (or out) the frequencies being affected.


Velocity and Altitude controls adjust the overall parameters of the flanging effect, While the Low Cut control allows you to fully control where in the frequency band the flanger takes effect. Create longer low swells, brighter fast shimmers and subtle rolling waves with the Eden Astroflange.

Don't be deceived

Smaller than it looks, the Eden Astroflange Bass Flanger Pedal fits into your pocket for huge tones in a portable format. The rugged design ensures reliability whenever used, be it on stage, in the studio, or just at home. More than capable of withstanding the bumps, scratches and scrapes that come with extensive use, your flange effect will never be compromised. Easy to use, the four-knobs offer a remarkable level of adaptability and let you really customise your tone:

  • Velocity - This controls the speed of the modulation effect. Lower settings deliver subtle swirl, whereas higher settings let you access that quintessential jet engine flange effect.


  • Altitude - A.K.A. 'depth', this controls the ‘height’ of the effect, relating to the center frequency. Increase to raise the general pitch of the effect.


  • Low Cut - Altering the amount of low-end that gets modulated, this allows you to add articulation and definition to extreme flanged settings, if desired.


  • Level - Setting the general output volume, control how loud your flanged signal is


  • Velocity control
  • Altitude control
  • Low Cut control
  • Effect Level control
  • 1/4" jack in & out
  • 15V Power Supply (Included)
  • On/off stomp switch
  • On/off LED indicator
  • Dimensions: Height 2.1 in / 5.5 cm, Width 4.8 in / 12.2 cm, Depth 3.5 in / 9 cm
  • Weight: 1 lb / 0.47 kg
  • 1 year warranty included