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Empress Effects ParaEq MKII Pedal, USED

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Introducing the Empress Effects ParaEq MKII Pedal: Your Ultimate Tone-Shaping Solution

The Empress Effects ParaEq MKII Pedal is a versatile and powerful equaliser pedal designed to give you precise control over your tone. Whether you're shaping your sound in the studio or dialling in your tone on stage, the ParaEq MKII offers unparalleled flexibility and sonic clarity.

1. **Precision Equalisation**: With its dual-parametric EQ design, the ParaEq MKII allows you to precisely shape your tone with surgical precision. Each of the pedal's two bands offers independent control over frequency, boost/cut, and bandwidth, giving you the ability to target specific frequencies and sculpt your sound to perfection.

2. **Wide Frequency Range**: The ParaEq MKII covers a wide frequency range, allowing you to adjust everything from the deepest lows to the highest highs. Whether you're boosting the low end for added warmth and punch or cutting the highs to tame harsh frequencies, the ParaEq MKII gives you the tools you need to shape your tone exactly how you want it.

3. **Transparent Signal Path**: Empress Effects is known for its commitment to sonic purity, and the ParaEq MKII is no exception. The pedal features a transparent signal path that preserves the integrity of your original tone, ensuring that your guitar's natural character shines through no matter how much EQ you apply.

4. **Flexible Routing Options**: The ParaEq MKII offers flexible routing options, allowing you to use it in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. Whether you're running it in front of your amp, in your effects loop, or even in your studio setup, the ParaEq MKII seamlessly integrates into your rig and gives you total control over your tone.

5. **Built-In Boost**: In addition to its powerful EQ capabilities, the ParaEq MKII also features a built-in boost function that provides up to 30dB of clean gain. Whether you need to push your amp into overdrive or simply boost your signal for solos, the ParaEq MKII has you covered with its versatile boost circuit.

6. **Roadworthy Construction**: Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the ParaEq MKII is built to withstand the rigours of the road. Its durable construction and top-mounted jacks make it ideal for use on stage, while its compact size ensures that it won't take up valuable pedalboard real estate.

Overall, the Empress Effects ParaEq MKII Pedal is a versatile and powerful equaliser pedal that offers unparalleled tone-shaping capabilities. Whether you're a studio musician, a live performer, or a tone enthusiast, the ParaEq MKII gives you the tools you need to sculpt your sound with precision and clarity.