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Fender 1977 Mustang Olympic White, USED

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The Fender 1977 Mustang is a classic instrument crafted with precision in Fender's renowned Fullerton factory, known for producing exceptional guitars. This Mustang model boasts several distinctive features that set it apart.

Originally introduced in the mid-'60s as Fender's flagship student model, the Fender Mustang has since earned a place of prominence among players of all styles. This is due in large part to its comfortable short-scale design, making it a favored choice for those seeking ease of playability without sacrificing tonal quality.

It features a rosewood fretboard, providing players with a smooth and comfortable playing surface that enhances the overall playability of the guitar. The use of rosewood not only contributes to its playability but also adds a touch of warmth to its tone.

The guitar showcases a nitro finish in Olympic White, a finish known for its vintage appeal and ability to allow the wood to resonate freely, thus influencing the instrument's tonal character.

One of the most distinctive features of the Mustang is its unique sound, attributed in part to the pickup phase switching system, a feature found exclusively on this model. This phase-switching capability provides players with a versatile tonal palette, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities not typically found on other guitars.

In summary, the Fender 1977 Mustang is a vintage gem known for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique tonal capabilities. With its short-scale design, distinctive features, and timeless aesthetics, it continues to be a favorite among guitarists of various styles, offering both comfort and a signature sound that sets it apart from the rest.


For a guitar that is 46 years old, it's aging with style! Of course this guitar has some good signs of use, but we believe it only adds to the guitar's charm. With the guitar's off-white finish and checking, it really adds to that iconic vintage look!

Accessories Included:

Unbranded leather case included.