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Fender '94 "Made in Japan" Jazz Bass LH RW 3TSB, USED

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For our lefty bass fanatics out there, this is another great addition to our ever-growing collection of vintage & pre-loved instruments. 

One notable aspect of Fender Made in Japan guitars and basses are their exceptional build quality. Japanese craftsmanship is known for its precision, and this is evident in every aspect of these guitars. The attention to detail in the fretwork, body construction, and finishes is exemplary, resulting in instruments that not only look stunning but also offer a superior playing experience. 

This particular bass sports a basswood body in a wonderful gloss 3 tone sunburst finish, accompanied with a tortoiseshell pickguard. This is also paired with a gloss maple neck, topped with a rosewood fingerboard and stainless steel frets.

Another notable feature of Fender Made in Japan guitars is their affordability. While they offer exceptional quality and playability, they are often priced more competitively compared to their American-made counterparts. This makes them an appealing choice for both professional musicians and enthusiasts who seek high-quality instruments without breaking the bank.

Fender Made in Japan guitars and basses have gained a dedicated following around the world. Musicians appreciate their combination of classic Fender design, Japanese craftsmanship, and affordability. Whether you're a professional performer or a hobbyist, a Fender Made in Japan guitar offers a reliable and inspiring instrument that can stand up to the demands of any musical style or setting.


This bass is in good condition, with only a small dink on the body (see pictures).

Accessories Included: