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Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in Monaco Yellow, USED

Original price £2,699.00 - Original price £2,699.00
Original price
£2,699.00 - £2,699.00
Current price £2,699.00
The Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in Monaco Yellow is a premium electric guitar handcrafted by Fender's master builders in the renowned Custom Shop facility. This exquisite instrument combines classic Stratocaster design with luxurious appointments and exceptional craftsmanship, resulting in a guitar that is as visually stunning as it is sonically superior.

Key Features:

1. Custom Shop Craftsmanship: Each Fender Custom Shop guitar is meticulously crafted by master builders with decades of experience, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. From selecting the finest tonewoods to hand-winding pickups and meticulously finishing every surface, the Custom Shop team takes pride in creating instruments of unparalleled excellence.

2. Monaco Yellow Finish: The Monaco Yellow finish of this Custom Shop Stratocaster is a vibrant and eye-catching colour that exudes vintage charm and elegance. The lustrous finish highlights the guitar's sleek contours and premium aesthetics, making it a standout instrument on any stage or in any collection.

3. Vintage-Inspired Design: True to its Stratocaster heritage, this Custom Shop model features classic design elements such as a double-cutaway body, three single-coil pickups, a synchronised tremolo bridge, and a comfortable "C"-shaped neck profile. These vintage-inspired features pay homage to the iconic guitars of the 1950s while incorporating modern refinements for enhanced playability and performance.

4. Hand-Wound Pickups: The Custom Shop Stratocaster is equipped with hand-wound pickups that are crafted to deliver exceptional tone and dynamic response. Whether you're playing clean, glassy chords, or overdriven lead lines, these pickups offer the clarity, warmth, and articulation that define the classic Stratocaster sound.

5. Comfortable Playability: With its smooth satin-finished neck and rolled fingerboard edges, this Custom Shop Stratocaster offers a supremely comfortable playing experience. Whether you're navigating intricate chord voicings or executing blistering solos, the guitar's ergonomic design ensures effortless playability and maximum performance comfort.

6. Premium Hardware: From the vintage-style tuning machines to the aged plastic parts, every hardware component on this Custom Shop Stratocaster is selected for its reliability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're bending strings or diving with the tremolo arm, the guitar's hardware ensures smooth and precise operation, allowing you to focus on your playing without distraction.

7. Limited Edition Exclusivity: As a Custom Shop instrument, this Stratocaster is part of a limited edition series, making it a rare and collectible piece for discerning players and collectors alike. Each guitar is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its exclusivity and investment value.

Overall, the Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in Monaco Yellow is a masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship and design. With its stunning finish, vintage-inspired features, and exceptional playability, this instrument represents the pinnacle of Fender's guitar-making expertise and is sure to inspire players and enthusiasts for generations to come.